I got home from work today to find a parcel from my Gifty partner, Jessica at Fig & Plum!! Jessica has got the destress sentiment down pat. I am so ready to use every single goodie she sent my way (Monkey and I have already eaten half the crystallized ginger!).

Check it:

Sweet snowglobe card in the sunniest shade of yellow, so bright and happy!

Loose tea ~ chamomile & lavender, yummy!

Crystallized ginger, perfect for settling upset tummies (which I’ve had lately!)–delicious and addictive.

Aspirin + recipes for facials made from aspirin, wooot!

Mood Rescue essential oil blend…exactly what I’ve been needing.

Lamphugger for diffusing yummy essential oils and smells throughout the room. I’m popping this on the lamp on my bedside table tonight!

Lavender sachet. Mmmmm, I love the smell of lavender. I’m going to tuck some in my pillow case and maybe bathe with some tonight!

Ear plugs for those quiet me times I might encounter (I just love squishing these foamy ear plugs between my fingers–super stress reliever!).

A box of fab Crayolas. How did you know I love to color, Jessica?!

It is always such a treat to get fun giftyness in the snail mail! Thank you so much Jessica, for packing a tremendous care package of just what I needed, and thank you, Leslie, for coordinating yet another fantastic gift exchange!! I love being a participant in this fun event and can’t wait for Round 3!!