More fun diversions for you because it’s kind of boring when it’s just about me:

Things That Smell Good…

  • Fun idea: smelly watch. I love the smell of green apples. {via Awful Cufflinks}

  • I trolled around the site (I love! scratch ‘n sniff things) and found that they had some Demeter for sale at Everything Smells as well.

  • Well, that led me back to Beauty of a Site, where I always buy my Demeter. They have a way bigger selection. And they’re cheaper! They’re also located due east of where we live. We like local businesses!

  • Becca Lights is having a fab-o January sale! I bought a Baked Bread and a Fireside tin candle just before Christmas. These scents are truly amazing, because they smell like they should. Even Monkey, who is a big opponent of synthetic fragrances, really got impressed with these 2 candles.

  • Loreal Vive Fresh Shine shampoo is the yummiest-smelling shampoo I’ve had for a long time. Monkey’s sister had this sitting in the guestroom shower. I have been hooked since I tried it. Target had a special buy-the-shampoo-get-the-conditioner package for something like $3. I think the scent is supposed to be a citrus smell, but to me it’s like fresh green apples. More like green apples than this, which is supposed to smell of green apples (but it does smell really good).

  • I also love this cheapie deodorant. Because of the apples again.

  • I wonder if, when I walk past folks, they think I smell like a walking piece of fruit. That’s probably not a savory sentiment to have thought about one’s self, is it? Is it better to suggest that I just smell “fresh?”

Fun to Peruse…

Pretty Things to Buy…

  • Kathleen has opened her Liquid Sky Arts Shop, and the goodies over there are just beautiful. I am currently coveting a couple goodies and am going to reward myself with a purchase once I get my December 2004 accounting for The Walrus in order.

Other Shopping Aims…

  • Last Valentine’s Day, Monkey got me a cool-ass iPod. He’s been kind of coveting it for a while. I might return the favor (but would that be boring?), or I think this might be a good gift to get him this year!

Covers! Covers!

Today, Heather Noir wrote about having wanted to be in a cover band. Me too, me toooo!! I totally wanted to rock on out and play a mean tambourine (because the violin & the bagpipes–I wasn’t all that good at either, and you can’t be a chanteuse with these instruments anyway!). When I was in 3rd grade, my girlfriends and I got to do nearly as cool and participated in the Air Band concert. Mind, this was 1983. Before most of us had even started playing real instruments. But we were jammin badasses in our neon-splattered shirts and glow-in-the-dark earrings dancing and playing yardstick guitar to Cyndi Lauper. Even now, I love the idea of performing someone else’s song. Because I’m not a songwriter. But more, because cover songs are so much fun! (I wish VH1 was still playing Cover Wars). So don’t be too shocked if you see me trailing by, smelling of apples and singing someone else’s song. Badly.