No linear thought pattern working today (I’m not sure why), so I’ll just offer up a few randoms you might or might not enjoy…

cool snail mail goodies

I received some fab snail mail goodies the other night. Check it:


That’s Hope’s most excellent doggie dream card (I love it!! I will perch it on my inspiration shelf in the craft room!) in the upper left corner.Below that in the most gorgeous wrapping paper is my fab birthday gift from fab JustJenn: 2 most excellent CD mixes that contain 2 of my fave genres {80s pop–I love that Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam are on this– and alternapop from my high school years–I was transported back to 10th grade today as soon as the Ned’s Atomic Dustbin started up! See pics of Jenn’s fun covers in the second pic.}. On the right is a cute and slightly gross take on a dog’s perfect day. This was a birthday card Monkey’s Alabama family sent my way. It’s hilarious! BIG thanks to you all for sending more cheer via US Post!

Speaking of cheer and post, Lorilyn’s starting a nifty Valentine exchange! If you are feeling like crafting up a bit of love and sending it in the mail, this is a good way to get going!

  Here’s Lorilyn’s button.

Jes at Sweetpea’s is also hosting a really cool round robin journal project. I am super excited to participate!

I got the latest Room & Board catalog in the mail today and am smitten smitten with the bedding they’ve got for kids. Faves include Animals Knitting, En Route, and Pirates. I want them for myself!

What’s In Your Bag?

I took this pic today to join Hope’s What’s In Your Bag? activity. Details on the goodies in my bag here. See, I’m a packrat on so many levels.