snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes…

The big news for a good portion of the country was the loads of snow we got this weekend. We didn’t get too pummeled (only got 12 inches) when you compare to spots in Indiana (23 inches in some spots just across the Illinois/Indiana border) and New England (nearly 3 feet), but it did take a fair amount of monkey-gnome effort to shovel out of the driveway (until later our neighbor Steve came over with a snowblower). Here are some fun frolicky pics from the weekend. Monkey and Casey had a good game of catch post-marathon-shovel! I love them.

 I love this pic of Monkey running through the snow.

 Running through 12+” of snow can lead to tumbles.

 Casey likes a prone Monkey.

 Though she does bore easily too…

 I swear, Monkey does not have one glowing nostril.But that big, boogery ball on the right, that is indeed Casey’s.

 She likes to chew on boogery balls. The more boogery, the better.

 This is a good sampling of the snow we got. It’s a bit more than a foot of snow, but it’s the foot or so that landed on the 4-5 inches we still had before the storm. This is our firepit in fall/summer. It looks like a malamar cookie stripped of its chocolatey coating!

Monkey flew into a snowier New Hampshire last night. I’m hoping the weather stays at bay this week so he doesn’t get delayed returning home.


brown paper packages, tied up with strings…

I got a very very excellent surprise in the mail this evening from Yvonne! Look here:

 A pretty bit of wrapping to portend a pretty gift within! Look at the teeny little wooden doll tasselly bit! She is coming with me to work. To make my pc monitor a bit more cheery!

 And check out this fabulousness inside. It’s a Huygen/Poortvliet Gnome book in Dutch! I can’t explain why, but everything looks a little more magical in a foreign language! While I went to search for the English equivalent to this book, I happened across Hope‘s Amazon Gnome List! Random!! Anyway, I adore this book. It is magic magic magic and brings up happy vibes as I leaf through. Plus, look at that gorgeous card below the book. I think Yvonne knows what a paper hound I am. It is gorgeous (and I am keeping the note and tucking it into the book, which will definitely look really cool in my bookcase !). Thank you so much for my fab birthday gift, Yvonne! I love it!


these are a few of my favorite things!

* everything in the post above!

* getting couch cuddles from Casey. In the middle of snowy, drafty winter without a Monkey around, a poochie cuddle is priceless! I love her outstretched paws and that she takes up more than half the couch! 🙂

* hanging out with Lizzie! She is on dogsitting duty tonight and tomorrow. I came by for a visit. The dog is super sweet, looks like a mondo deer. And quality sister time?! No question!

* driving home on snowy streets with warmly lit houses and this playing on the CD player. Perfect tunes for winter. I highly reccomend it…it takes me back to my early high school days.

* the itch to learn…on the advice of Bella Dia, I ordered this from Amazon. I also got this to get the Super Saver Shipping. I hope to create something cool from crochet soon (I am a little daunted, because I am better taught by a real person, but I will give these books a shot!).

* check out this post. It’s hilarious!

Happy Monday, all. Hope you are staying toasty and warm and healthy!!