dodgy chicken

It was special chicken fingers day in the cafeteria today (well, it was at one of the food station bars), and I was really excited, because a bit of barbecuey chicken with some hot chips & carrots and celery sticks with ranch dressing would hit the spot perfectly (starving, grumbly belly, late lunch). There was a fairly sizable line to get these chicken fingers (other people around these parts of the corp giant know they’re good too), so the anticipation may have mounted a little…I was about 2 people away from ordering when the fella who was cooking up these chicken fingers (they cook to order, kind of) let loose with a stream of very wet, very powerful sneezes. He did have the mind to turn away from the cookers, but he couldn’t use his hands to cover his mouth, so the sneeze spraylets were loosey goosey and floating through the air around all the back wall work space of chicken, sauces, pans…. then, he turned around, took more orders, and proceeded to wipe at his nose with his bare wrist. So, the dilemma was, I had invested some time in line and I really wanted to eat this chicken, but did I want to eat it at risk of contracting another illness? All the other folks in line (before and after me) who also witnessed these sneezes stay put, so would it be really obvious if I just left then? I stayed. My rationale was that the chicken bits are going into a hot pan to be cooked anyway, so most of the surface coldy germs (if any) should be cooked off, right? The chicken was mostly good, save for a few grey cartilagey bits (I know I perpetuate bad farming practices because I basically prefer white meat only…it’s a shortcoming of mine and I aim to work on it). And the thought of sneezey germs. All over my dodgy barbecue chicken fingers. So if I suddenly get sick, it’s because of the dodgy chicken. And its cook. Bleh.


good eats

Ok, now that I may have thoroughly put you off chicken in corporate cafeterias for good, why don’t I share a few fun food finds I’ve happened upon in the last few days? Yes?

  • Cucina Testa Rossa is a blog kept by an American chef who is currently living (and taking a culinary tour) in France. Loverly.
  • My Life with Garlic has won a BOB for Best Cooking/Recipe Site!! Congrats, congrats, Dawn! I knew you would win!!
  • The World Began by Eating Forbidden Fruit is always one of my favorite blogs for vicarious living in Italy via fab American Rowena. Today’s post has a yummy pic that made my stomach grumble loudly and then I drooled just a bit.
  • CreatureBug had a big, yummy post about food today that also set my tummy to grumbling. I am all in the mood for tapas tonight!
  • Altoids have a new line of chewing gum in the most spectacular little tins. At 2 bucks a pop, it’s not a great deal, as the gum really loses its flavor quickly. But the tins, so cute! And the initial bit of chewing is staggeringly sour and flavor-filled. Bit of a wash, but I’m loving the tin I’ll have. And the temporary apple scent.
  • I found Style and Entertaining via Cucina Testa Rossa. Really great idea if you want to throw together a foodie-worthy meal and might be all thumbs in the kitchen/supermarket. Tip for you Valentine’s Day cheffies: there’s even a romantic dinner for 2 kit!


other finds

I’m not sure if it’s serendipity or what, but the topic of found materials has been high on the stuff radar of late…(have I just been late to the game in finding these?)

I am such a hoarder/collector of paper scraps as is….this could well become a dangerous pastime of mine. It’s just as well we are moving (it’s about 99% official now, you all who I’ve been stringing along for forever). I really need to purge my piles of stuff (any takers? I can post what I want to get rid of…). Now, just to get motivated enough to actually do it….