moving gnome!

There were many questions regarding the move I alluded to in my last post, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to get some of my newer blogworld buddies in the know…

It was about this time last year that Monkey started traveling big time for his job. His company had bought a firm in Utah and were in process of moving them to Monkey’s company HQ in South Carolina (we currently live in a tiny burb about 25 miles northwest of Chicago). I would see Monkey maybe 2 weekends out of each month, but it seemed to be a temporary thing, like it would maybe go through the year and then be over with once all the Utah-South Carolina relocations were settled. While all this travel was going on, we were both contemplating a move back to the city (moving to co. HQ didn’t seem an imminent issue at the time), because we were needing a change of scenery, pace, restaurant selection. And we always missed city living when we’d go and visit Lizzie, who was living in Wrigleyville/Lakeview at the time. Plus, our house is really really small (like 700 sf) and was once perfect for a single gnome (when I bought the house) but too wee for a monkey and a gnome with too many hobbies. We looked at several really lovely condos in the city but eventually decided to stay put, as too many things were in the air.

About midway through last year, it became a little more apparent that it would behoove Monkey and his career to move to company HQ too. I came down to visit over 4th of July weekend for a bit of a sourcing visit and was pleasantly suprised by the city of Columbia.(Totally off-topic, but here’s one crazy story from my first visit to SC.) By fall of last year, it seemed pretty much a given that we’d need to move. We went again in November to check out digs and all. But we weren’t 100% sold on the idea of relocating. At least, I wasn’t…Soon after we returned home, Monkey got the promotion of mother-promotions, so our fates to be South Carolinians was pretty much sealed. We bargained for time over the holidays to leave us as Chicagoans for just a bit more. Our move date is scheduled for this spring!

It’s going to be a bittersweet thing for me, this move. More bitter than sweet, prolly. Sorry for foisting the Big Head Todd song on you inadvertently.

Not at all a comprehensive list, but off the top of the gnome hat:

Why I’ll Miss Chicago (bitter)
~ Lizzie lives here. I *love* impromptu sister hangouts.
~ Over half of our friends live here. Lots are spawning, so less likely to travel to see us.
~ More of my childhood friends are moving back to Chicago soon.
~ We have the most kick-ass neighbors ever.
~ Our mailman is really cool. He’s also a craftsperson & likes to talk shop (and gave me a great retail contact).
~ Our neighborhood dry cleaners love us. They give us discounts all the time…and they even gave us a really sweet wedding gift!
~ My parents only live about a 3 hours’ drive from us.
~ Renegade Craft & DIY Trunk Show: way easier to participate from here.
~ Lots of occasions for wearing boots & wellies.
~ SIX locations of The Paper Source, right here.
Penny’s Noodle Shop
~ It’s in a blue state! (Au revoir, Barack Obama!)

Why I Don’t Mind Leaving Chicago (sweet)
~ Marathon snowstorms. One or two, ok…Five months’ of it, nah.
~ Traffic congestion. Even in the stinking burbs.
~ Home prices…good if you’re a seller. Not so much if you’re a buyer.
~ Cold cold weather snaps.
~ Black ice.
~ Road ragers galore.
~ Good, solid reason for leaving corp. giant for real.
~ Potential for buying a house big enough to have a dedicated “studio.”

Ok! There you have it: the wheres and the whys as they are today. There will be much packing and purging and reorganizing of stuff. I will keep you posted as soon as I have anything worth divvying up and sharing with you!

* gnome home image from Hand Made Toys.