Red Letter Day

Rain and all, Monday turned out to be one really good day for this gnome {who played hooky from work to complete orders for The Walrus}. We had a spectacular weekend, coatless warm temperatures, sunshine, my folks came to visit, my mom and I crafted our little hearts out, we ate good mom-cooked food, we relaxed and hung out with Lizzie and Mike and Brutus. I got all pending orders crafted and packaged up to finally send out today. I got an extra day away from corp. giant and my “difficult” clients. I got extra poochie snuggles from Casey. The only thing keeping today from being completely perfect was Monkey had to leave Sunday afternoon to fly down south, but otherwise, I’m finally out of the big blue funk that had me in its clutches for months. Bah, winter! Bah! (it’s supposed to snow again this week; I should keep the nose-thumbing in check for a few more weeks…).

And! It turned into a glorious red letter day when I checked my post today. Ms Liquid Sky Arts Kathleen stunned me with the most extraordinary surprise birthday gift (there is really an extra bit of bonus to stretching out celebrations; Kathleen, you are so onto something!). Thank you for making this fab day even more fab. Seriously fab.

Check out the exquisiteness all the way from socal:

Amazing decoupaged cigar box with lovely baubles and keys and trinkets on the lock. I love this monkey image. It’s very Alice. So magical!

Kathleen filled the gorgeous cigar box with postcards of her sister’s paintings, a Chinese koi diecut  (is it a sticker? it’s so ornate!), and the most stupendous little mix CD. I’ve been listening to this CD all afternoon. It is FAB and I will be stunning Monkey with some cool new tunes courtesy of Kathleen when he returns this weekend. Yay!

Happily enough, the card Kathleen sent me was Roger Laborde Monkeys, much like the placemats I still had out on the dining table from the weekend:

Fun! Thanks so much, Kathleen! You made a nice day even nicer.

* * * *

Other Bits & Bobs

The following are some randoms burbling forth from the past few days…

  • Lizzie has started a new blog. If you love (destructive) pugs and (bitter little) girls, this is the place to be.

  • Useful cards to keep on hand just in case? Found via the comments in this post at Cheeky Professor. Fun and tempting, but I am just not ballsy enough…

  • Issue One of Subter has launched!! My friend Colleen and I have a few contributions nestled in there. And! Katie is still looking for new art for Issue 2, so if you’re itching to create and share, get in touch with her!

  • I’ve become smitten with more foodie blogs. My latest: Who Wants Seconds. I’m still in lurker mode over there, but Moira did send me a really kind email via The Walrus a few days back. That pretty much rocks.

  • I never would’ve admitted it before (because it really wasn’t true), but I’ve come to find that I am addicted to chickflicks as soon as Monkey leaves town for work. Now, I think he would indulge me one or two chickflicks if I really wanted to watch them with him, but the desire to watch them doesn’t actually hit me until he departs. And then I am all about surfing through the HBOs and Starz and Showtimes to find a good chickflick. I’ve seriously caught up on a load of them in the last few weeks. I was thoroughly enjoying these soaring-love-story-make-your-heart-weep-with-happy movies. The recent haul:

    • 50 First Dates. I didn’t have high expectations but really, really loved this movie. Watched it again tonight! Love the soundtrack and Rob Schneider’s icky character.

    • Two Weeks Notice. It’s all about the Hugh.

    • Alex & Emma. Love Luke Wilson. Love Kate Hudson. Loved this film.

    • Bridget Jones’s Diary. I could watch this movie a million times.

    • Love Actually. I have watched this movie a million times.

    • What a Girl Wants. Looked so atrocious in previews, but was enjoyed by one gnome. Once.

    • Girl with the Pearl Earring. Not really a chickflick, but Cillian Murphy is so pretty. And I really like Scarlett Johansson. She is cool.

    • The Matchmaker. I think this is one of the first DVD’s I’d ever ordered from Amazon way way back. I caught this on TV the other night and still adore it.

I’ll be scanning the movie channels for more sappy chick flicks all week (I think I spied 13 Going on 30 sometime this week). I also think it is highly likely that I’ll be hanging out sans Monkey come Valentine’s Day because of his stinky travel schedule. Anyone have any recommendations for more chick flicks I must see?