Happy Chinese New Year!

Hope you kick it off in style, bright colors, and happy thoughts. My folks still celebrate Tet with each new year, cleaning the slate, sweeping out the old and welcoming the new. When we were kids, it was a real treat to stay up well past our bedtimes to partake of the rituals, offering up fruit and incense, speaking our wishes and hopes for the coming year, getting a bit of $$ in red envelopes, attending Tet festivities with Vietnamese food galore and the unicorn dance and ao dais (watching the unicorn dance is so exhilarating, with the drumming and the leaping teaser man, so much fun!).

I haven’t got a lot going on to report on just now, save a few more randoms. When the blue funks lift, the mind races. Adult ADD and all…

  • Make your own convo hearts. {via Cheeky Prof}
  •  is a
  • PostSecret. Cool project with some fun and some disturbing elements to it. {via Sweetpea Kate}
  • I’m crafting for fun since I got all my pending orders out. I love doing things for just fun. It makes my toes happy.
  • Speaking of happy toes, you may have noticed my latest fixation on a pair of orange wellies. I have come to love them. They are a real pair that I came to own by happenstance. Lizzie had asked for galoshes for Christmas, and I picked this pair up after much searching of many shops. The following day while doing more Christmas shopping, I found a pair much more suited to her (Esprit black with white polka dots, so cute!) but couldn’t bring myself to return the orange galoshes. I gave both pairs to Liz for Christmas, and she wound up giving me the orange pair. They’ve been superb for the snow and the slush and the mud of the last few weeks. They make me smile when I look at them. They’re orange & green! What’s not to love? I wear them a lot. Even when it’s not that muddy in our backyard.
  • I just had to order me some Bubble FX after seeing Charla’s most excellent baby boggin. The stuff is discontinued, though, so I had to do a bit of ferreting around. I wound up finding mine at eBay.
  • I got another cool snail mail goodie yesterday from my pal Melissa, who is fast becoming quite the maven of papercrafting. {Melissa, super secret subtle hint: you should start your craftblog already!} Look at this gorgeous card (it’s pieced paper work, fab!):

  • Thanks all, for all the great chick flick recommendations!

    • still trolling for 13 Going on 30
    • LOVE LOVE LOVE Sliding Doors and Emma, Clueless, Chocolat (oh, yum!) and all the old school (lurved Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful!). I am also all over Chicago chick flicks (While You Were Sleeping, Return to Me, High Fidelity)…I might fire up a few DVDs (Amelie, Big Fish, HF) tonight. Though, Lost is on. And I am addicted.
    • Caught a really funny flick last night: But I’m a Cheerleader. A bit obvious in its satire, but the colors are just dazzling….

Working on a secret project that I hope to get into the post before week’s end….Happy Year of the Rooster!