Quirks, volume two

Because I have pretty much no real news to report on, I thought it might be time for another installment of quirks.! Today’s bout of quirks was brought on from a conversation the lunch ladies and I were having after lunch today. The hallway we were walking down smelled of that clean plasticky/locker first day of school scent, which I love (kind of like a brand new plastic pencil box stocked with fresh pencils and paste and such…), which then led to the topic of paste. Now, I was never a paste-eater, but I have been definitely guilty of having a taste.

Today’s quirks ~ things that shouldn’t have been put near my mouth but which I have tasted anyway:

  • Elmer’s paste. The kind with the bright orange lid and the white spreader handle/stick. I was in first grade in Mrs. Bitsko’s class (where we went for Reading and assorted afternoon craft times). What? It smells minty. And it tastes kind of like it smells, which isn’t bad.

  • Play-Doh. Salty, kind of strange plasticky taste. It looked pretty being formed into a “cake.” I was probably 4 or 5.

  • Modeling clay. The kind that doesn’t harden even when you leave it out. Very plasticky. Prolly did this around the same time as the Play Doh tasting.

  • Silly Putty. Not much to taste, fun texture to chew on. Same time as the other squishy play dough sampling, most likely.

  • Hi-Bounce rubber balls. Lizzie may remember this: most of our high-bounce balls, which were usually some unusually brightly colored production, all had little divots and crevices in them because I liked to bite on them. I don’t think I swallowed the bits, just liked to bite them off.

  • Liz’s apple dolls. I remember she made these crafty dolls with heads made of shriveled apples. I wasn’t actually hungry, just felt like chewing on them, because they were apples, you know? I was probably 8 or so.

  • Purifying Pumpkin Face Mask from Bath & Body Works. It smells just like a pumpkin pie. I did this bit of tasting (very, very NOT tasty) over the last year or so.

I imagine this quirk of mine is going to stick with me for a lifetime through. Because of the curiosity. And stupidity. But fun to share! Come on, you know you want to share!

Oh! And I’m looking for…

I’ve been on the search for the following. Any help?

  • Have you seen the recent JC Penney ads on the telly for Valentine’s Day? There’s this really gorgeous cover version of “Nena’s 99 Red Balloons.” I have no idea who does this version or where I might procure a copy, but if you know, I’d be ever grateful!

  • I’ve been scouting about for charms and miniature figurines of Alice & co…I have found one place with Alice charms, but the price of each $17 each) is a mite higher than I was hoping for. Have you got any leads for good resources? I’m hoping to keep it around the $5 per piece range, give or take a few bucks.

  • I’m also looking for mini garden gnomes. I found some charms at eBay and bought them today, but little plastic or resin garden gnomes (like 2″ tall or less) would be super, if any of you have seen them!

Thanks in advance! For sharing and all….