Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, all. I have been plotting a fun snail mail valentine to send to many of you (if I have your snail mail addy…if I don’t and you’d like a valentine, please drop me a note at giao.williams {at}gmail {dot} com. For real. It will be late, but it will be (I hope) fabulous. Fun, at least.

I received some fun valentines over the last few days from Hope and Lori-Lyn! I am in big email and snail mail deficit (see above paragraph) because of lots of time issues lately, but I’m on the move! They’re forthcoming from the Gnome. Anyhooo, here are the pretty bits of snail mail love I received over the weekend:

cool Love postcard from Hope and Love tea, a fun bookmark, and a fab collaged Valentine card from Lori-Lyn


So, today is Valentine’s Day and I’m decked out in a cheery pink sweater Lizzie had gifted me for my birthday and I’m wearing the Love pin from Kathleen’s shop and I feel pretty warm and fuzzy. But, can you believe? I actually forgot to put my wedding/engagement rings back on after my shower this morning (yes, I take them off and pop them into a trinket box in the bathroom so they don’t get all goopy with shampoo and soap and the like)! I am feeling pretty naked without them. I know they are just symbols, but you know how you really get used to the feeling of wearing something, and then you forget to wear it once and you feel so off the rest of the day? Yep, that is me right now. Naked finger.

No matter. I know that I am very, very happy that I won’t be spending this Valentine’s sans singe. Monkey and I are planning for a nice, quiet night in. I am so glad he is home this week. He’s been extremely stressed with work (last week was rough and this week looks to be pretty rough too, though again, I am so glad he is home). He is feeling really awful about having had no time to go all out and make fancy gifts for me today because of the rough week/weekend with so much time spent for work (it’s been very rough week or 2) and at my parents’ for the weekend.

But see, I don’t want anything. I am so very happy that he is here. That is the best gift I could ever ask for. I think you regular readers already know how he spoils me to bits always, but it’s not at all what I need…I truly feel blessed just to be married to this wonderful man, and I am thanking my lucky stars that he is here home with me tonight.

See, last Friday afternoon, Monkey was flying back from Columbia (3 connections, can you believe that booking?). On his second to last leg back, his plane had to make an emergency landing. It was a spanking new plane, and apparently, the computer system of plane controls and the backup system went completely on the fritz. All controls went down! They had 20 minutes to find a suitable “emergency landing” spot, and all the passengers were prepped for crash landing, “brace” position and all. HOW FLIPPING SCARY IS THAT?! Monkey stayed calm (he is so nonchalant; I love that) as he went in for the brace position, but as soon as he relayed the story to me, my stomach went all aflutter, because oh-my-flippin-goodness, that is just not supposed to happen. Not to my Monkey. Not on a routine business flight. Thankfully, they didn’t crash land in the end, and they did get clearance to land where they were supposed to (the originally intended airport destination), but YIPES! I am so, so thankful it ended uneventfully. Truly.

At any rate, I didn’t buy anything too fancy for him (I shopped before I knew of the big crazy scary moment~but really, is there any gift that says “I’m so glad you didn’t crash!”?). I got him a few Gene Meyers shirts (they have the snazziest patterns and buttons, and he loves them since I got a couple for his birthday) and DKNY ties (for work) {Marshall Fields is a fab spot for men’s work shirts & ties!} and a few weekend shirts from The Buckle. Fun-ish, but mostly practical. I’m crafting up a card and perhaps a mix (one of our annual traditions, but time’s been not on my side lately), and I hope to whip up a pretty meal tonight (I’ll keep you posted; it’s very likely we might end up getting carryout from Francesca’s!). I hope they somehow say “love” to him. As much as work clothes can, anyway…(I also just put in my 2 weeks’ notice with my boss, who has been very supportive…this move is officially underway! I hope that this too feels like a gift of sorts to Monkey….less extended time apart from one another!)


Other places you should spread a little love today:

  • Yvonne’s new shop of the most adorable goodies that side of the Atlantic!
  • Carrieoke’s sister is running a marathon (that is 26 miles, people!) for the American Stroke Association. She’s taking pledges. Go show her your support! This topic is near and dear to my heart, because my paternal grandfather suffered 2 strokes before he fell ill to a myriad of other problems when I was 13. My high school boyfriend’s grandmother (I adored her) also suffered a stroke, which ultimately took her from this earth. Monkey has borderline high-blood pressure, and his dad suffered a couple mini-strokes as a result of head injury sustained during some rousing rugby matches, so this is definitely something that means a lot to us.
  • Kathleen’s gift of her fab mix last week introduced me to Jem, with whom I am now smitten. I learned that she is a Welsh singer. Monkey is proud.
  • For all you Hello Kitty lovers out there, did you know about the Pez set you can have all for yourselves? (just enter “Hello Kitty” in the search for all the goodness you can reap).

Happy Hearts Day, all! Take care of you. Big Gnome hugs!