Yesterday, the corp giant cafeteria had those special chicken fingers I like so much, and I was thrilled to find that the chef on duty was not a sneezing, coldy man. In fact, he was a robust, very healthy looking fellow. The chicken was delicious, and I was quite pleased that I didn’t need to worry about catching any new illnesses. Though, the last dodgy chicken adventure actually did not cause me to contract any colds (was my hypothesis about cooking germs off proven?). Last night I found myself in the most violent of sneezing fits and runny nose and burning eyes. Today, still stuffly and sneezy. That teaches me to be smug again.


Despite his warnings for not being able to deliver for Valentine’s Day, my Monkey is one sweet and clever man. I will need to post his card later; it really made me laugh heartily.


bits & bobs

Various other goodies that have caught my eye of late. Hoping they’re useful to some of you somehow:

  • Giant Dwarf (via Kraf-o-La). I am so in love with the flower cloche hat.

  • Elizabeth McGrath (via Awful Cufflinks). Dazzling site and fun fun goods!

  • Girlfactor has come back from hibernation with a lovely new design!

  • (via First Born Studio). Great links to great imagery finds.

  • My friend Natalie today asked me about my collaborative cookbook project. I had put this project on the proverbial back burner last spring once things started to pick up for The Walrus and hadn’t given nary a thought in recent months to this project till she mentioned it today. (Adult ADD in full force?) I wonder if perhaps this would be worth resurrecting? I have got a handful of submitted recipes already but would love more if any of you out there would like to participate. I was thinking that I’d post the finished book to Cafepress and then you who wanted it could order at cost (i.e., I’d price it so no profit would be turned to me–just to cover the production cost). What do you think? Project site here

Ok, that’s about all I can muster today. Trying to conserve some energy for breathing through the nostrils if at all possible….Happy hump day!