slippery, slushy slope

Oh me oh my. More grey, dismal weather. More rain-soaked snow. More feeling like not doing much and ohmigosh, why won’t the blaaaahs of winter go away for good? Just when a speck of sunshine pops through, the skies go all vengeful and bring on the drears of heavy and grey and cold and wet. Ick.

Lizzie and I went shopping yesterday afternoon and tried to take the retail therapy approach to pull us out of the glums. I’m not sure if it really worked, because we both spent a mite (lot) more than we probably originally intended. And neither of us actually toted home all that much…

A few of our plunder-fruits to share:

  • Origins has new Pinch Your Cheeks colors. Lizzie and I swear by the original, but Lizzie also got the Coralberry version. She looks so healthy and sunkissed glowy, even in the depths of grey and drip. Anyone who is suffering from winter sallow might find Coralberry a great lift. It makes your cheeks smile.

  • Monkey (who is in drizzly SC this week) asked this week for a nice shower scrub with good exfoliating capabilities. I may still try my hand at making one (any tips or recipes to share, anyone?), but yesterday I picked up a tube of GloomAway after first manhandling the CocoaTherapy scrub (which smells like an earthy, spicy, minty cocoa (nice!!) and not too sickly sweet). I used GloomAway this morning and I will say it smells like bottled sunshine. Very glorious. For a few minutes, it really did lift away the blahs. It’s a nice amount of scrubby, but I don’t know if Monkey will find its scrubbiness attribute high enough. I should think he will enjoy the sunshine smell aspect, though.

  • I picked up the Peony body cream and splash from BBW to go along with the Peony shower cream Leslie had sent for my birthday, because I love the smell so much. It smells like spring to me. Come on, spring! You can make it!

I have been on a shopping frenzy and trying to get it out of my system, since this week is my last week of regular, gainful employment. Sadly, I can’t recall all the various purchases I’ve made over the last couple of weeks (if I remember anything shareworthy, I will be sure to do so). Lizzie is coming over tonight and we have a visit to the regular Target in plan. This will likely prove to be dangerous, since I have a big Target addiction. Eeee. I do need to update the resume (such a task; I really really trudge to it), so maybe I won’t have to put shopping out of my system for good…I am looking forward to more time with Monkey in warmer climes soon.