Good gravy, heavens to Betsy, and criminy Pete, I got the incredible motherlode of snail mail love and a fantastic weekend this weekend. Color this gnome happy and warm, despite the grey snow showers blanketing the greater part of the country!

Check it:


A really lovely hand made card from Dawn of My Life with Garlic, complete with some fun lowfat recipes for hollandaise sauce. So textural and springy!!


Ani of The World of Ani continued the extended birthday celebration for me with this sweet card!



Jes of Sweetpeas also kept the extended birthday celebration in full gear with handknit hat (Casey and I had to fight for the hat; see her paws in the first hat pic? I came out victorious though!), windchimes (which I love ~ how’d you know?!), choco bon-bons, photo album, and cutie notepad! Man alive! Do I feel spoiled!


Kim of Something to Say sent these gorgeous handmade cards, art-stamped (from her own carving, so swanky!) gift bags, yummy soap and candle (so spicy), flower seeds (are they peonies? they look so lovely!), and the cutest little monkey in a bag ever. Isn’t she so sweet and creative? I am so spoiled!


Jenn from Just Jenn sent me a most fantastical box of ‘shower’ goodies…I will shed more light on details later in the week, but I am digging the Hawaiian CD mix, the macadamia nuts, the footed glass eggcup (with actual feet!), the cookies, the sweets, oh my oh my!


Hillaray of Wee Wonderfuls sent this most cheery little bud of a pincushion to breathe a little spring into kicking out the winter glums (she also is a Chicagoan and knows full well of the drears we’ve been getting from the skies). Isn’t that the cutest little thing? I love the spiraly button and the pink and green combo (such a classic mix). So cheery sweet!!


I ordered this cute-as-pie grocery tote from Tania‘s shop last week and it (along with some insanely cute postcards and a Simmy magnet) too arrived with my motherlode of mail glory this weekend! I will be the most stylish little shopper at the Publix down there in Columbia!

*  *  *  *

Outside the tremendous snail mail love (thank you all!!), I had a fantastic family love weekend too! Lizzie, Monkey, and I, along with the cuddling Casey & Brutus (see pics below, awwww) headed back home to visit my folks. I love visiting my folks. Especially on the fly without too much planning ahead. I will most definitely miss this easy-visit aspect once Monkey and I are fully settled into Columbia. But, since our house is in quite the state of disarray, I am thinking that it will be several months before we’re fully settled in Columbia (which means more ‘transition’ time here in Chicago, hooray!)…

Aren’t they so cute?! I love them to bits.

Monkey surprised me on Saturday morning with a lovely bouquet and a delicious homecooked breakfast (nothing lures a gnome out of slumbers like the smell of warm, salty bacon!).

I’m going to try to be good about blogging now that I’m no longer farming the cube, but it’s been hard, since the Walrus is something like a full-time job when I can give it the time (which I did, all day today!). I’m really trying to make my rounds to visit you all and send emails as needed (I am way in deficit again…I think you all know the gnome way of email these days…a reply will be coming henceforth soon….)

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