beyond purple mountain’s majesty…

Monkey and I drove down to SC today (greetings from Columbia!) and got to experience the most gorgeous sunset as we were driving through the Smoky Mountains. Will post pics soon, very wiped from the long drive (though we made great time!).

2 more quirks I learned about myself:

1. I like to drive to classical music. Kind of sets the magical feeling of daydreams off, which is fun. It always reminds me of going to ballets as a kid. I loved the magic fairyland appeal of the whole show any time we went to the ballet!

2. I also have this guilty indulgence (I’ve known about this quirk for a while, but am only really admitting to it now) of listening to those cheezy 80s ballads stations. The last time we drove down here, I landed on one of those stations and surreptitiously listened on while Monkey snoozed. The mood made me hanker for Breathe, and a few moments later, the DJ delivered and played it. ( Becky!) Bliss.

Off to rest up, catch up on my dailies and email, hope you’re all off to a great March!