I forgot that moving is an adventure!

Good golly, time has been fleeting in the most rapid of manners the last few days! Monkey and I have been shopping for apartments and exploring~exploring the various nooks and crannies of this city. It has been a big adventure! It has been busy but really a lot of fun!  Despite our love of real estate (we love the house hunting, the visualizing of the possibility for charming old buildings, the redecking, the idea of making a place all our own), we also love to explore our options (you regular readers know this is the reason it took us forever to even finally get this move going!). So. We are planning on renting for about 6 months while we figure out where we’d like to own a house and settled on a brand new complex yesterday (yep, those kinds of apartments with neutral decor throughout and every amenity those kinds of complexes offer up, like ‘resident mixers’ and ‘sparkling pools’ and the like…does it help if the walls aren’t all magnolia but are all mocha?). We’re slated to move in midweek…but we didn’t bring anything but a few weeks’ worth of clothes (still heading back home to Chicagoland soon to do the monumental packing-up bit), so we’ve been trying to get creative about what we can do to make the space livable and comfy until all our other home bits come down south too. It’s all great fun!

Other places we’ve hit this week:

  • Tombo Grille. Pasta was eh, but the gorgonzola-candied-walnut-apple salad was really yum. Monkey’s boss took us there the other night and made us guffaw with his tales of managing to get someone here in SC roadrage at him.
  • Yo Burrito. Nice salsa bar, great atmosphere, great neighborhood.
  • Cafe Strudel. Such a cute little cafe (atmosphere galore, plus local artists’ work is up for sale on the walls) with one of the best veggie sandwiches I’ve ever had. And divine pastries. Plus, live local music!
  • Italian Pie. Really nice grilled wrap sandwiches.
  • Zorba’s. Eh. Definitely not Greektown.
  • D’s. One of the best steamed veggie platters & smothered chicken ever. Though, I am easily pleased when you slap a piece of ham and melted cheese on anything…
  • Mellow Mushroom. We like the location and the atmosphere (and Monkey likes their eclectic beer list).
  • Now, we’ve heard there’s a Vietnamese resto here, but we’ve not had any luck in finding it.

I came across this Vietnamese artist’s work this weekend from Skirt (there are so many fun, woman-centric magazines around here!). I think his work is supremely lovely.

Also lovely, to be able to walk around in light shirts and pants because it’s near 70 degrees out. At the beginning of March! So many flowering trees are blossoming and blooming. It is so lovely!

Hmm, scatter-brained…hoping you’ve all had a great start to the week!