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This week’s topic of “ancient” stirred nothing in the ideas part of my head, so I didn’t partake this week. However, I will be meandering my way over to have a gander at what magic other folks created and I hope you will too. The participation over there is staggering and stunning!

other Columbia stuff…

We ventured to the Golden Chopstix (thanks for the pointer, The Small Object!) last night and were quite delighted. The bun (rice noodles bowl) was delicious, if a bit different from the bun we’ve had in Chicago or at my folks’. And the owner (?) was such a sweetie pie. So, we’re most certainly heading back again. It’s the only Vietnamese resto in town (travesty).

Other spots we’ve eaten in:

Lizard’s Thicket. The name is offputting to me. Who wants to eat in a Thicket of Lizards? It’s downhome country cooking. Cheap eats. Greasy as hell. I was really enjoying my smoked sausage sandwich (ooh, and the cornbread is delicious, salty and crusty on the outside and sweet and tender within) until I hit my grease tolerance saturation point and then I just wanted to get the heck out of there.

Texas Roadhouse. It’s a chain and it’s right next to our hotel, but damn, was the steak delicious.

Devine Foods. A Mediterranean food cafe. I guess the spanekopita is phenomenal, but I got grilled chicken. It was ok. Fun, neighborhoody atmosphere. Nice waitstaff (I scoped a few out for you, Tammy B).

We also got our apartment for move-in a couple days back. We have no furniture so have been kind of staying out of the hotel until today (checking out in a few hours)…this may leave us without internet access for a while, despite the complex office saying everything would be ready upon move-in…It’s a brand new complex, and it’s only currently 2.5% occupied. 2 of the other residents to-be include Monkey’s immediate boss (who also has to relocate from Chicago) and one of Monkey’s client people, who is relocating from NJ. Monkey and I are continuing the trend of moving into brand new huge spaces upon first entry into a new city (he had a huge loft in Chicago and I had one of these new corpororate-clone types of apartments), then moving onto places that have a lot of soul and charm (my little cottage; Monkey’s turret apartment on Lincoln Park) and little space…I think we will most certainly look for charm when we buy, but perhaps will pay better mind to the space. Because we are stuff-fiends and clutterbugs.

We documented the apartment in its unsullied empty glory. Because it will all change once we head back and do the big pack-up!

Happy weekend all! More fun updates once we get the apartment all cabled up for internet and such!

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P.S., you bloggers who are using Blogger, I haven’t been able to leave comments there all week. I think Blogger is upgrading/updating their native comments functionality, and the Haloscan (I think) pop-up comments some of you have are also not working for me, even when I enable pop-up windows….so I’ve been visiting and have tried to leave comments for most of you, but I can’t seem to this week. So…Musings of an Island Girl, I hope you are having a great blogging hiatus and productive writing period. And Pipstar, I am loving the goodies you posted and that drinking game looks hilarious (looks like you all had a blast!) and Hannah, those crafty trades were AWESOME. And Infected Papercut, I totally wore the wrong shoes of varying sole heights too. Very disconcerting…And My Petite Porch, I loved your post on Mary and girl powere and your mom and you. Really wonderful!….I could go on and on. If I’d had more time, I’d email each of you, but my goodness, have my time management skills gotten all bunged up this week?! It’s the pace of the south, I suspect….