i think i’ve figured out why i am such a packrat…

It’s because you never know what you are going to need. However, you do find out quite effectively once you don’t have it. Monkey and I are still here in the mostly empty apartment. We were due to be back in Chicago this week, but that had to change because of Monkey’s schedule at work (total side note, but our next door neighbor back in Chicago is a true gem; we are so lucky he’s ours). So…we’re heading back to do a preliminary pack-up of some essentials (like a couch, guest bed, some extra towels, etc….) in the next few days. But until then, we’re trying not to buy too much, because that would exascerbate the packrat issues (plus, all those duplicates, how extravagant! I don’t like to waste anything…and then I’d be stuck with 2 or 3 of something I only kind of needed 1 of). Having said that, it’s also hard to live without some creature comforts…

  • We bought a new bed from the Mattress Source. Super nice salesguy, super squishy pillow-top bed. Feels like total luxury. It was crafted right here in the Carolinas. We dressed it on the quick in Martha bedding (which is also made in the USA, mipmup!) from the big K (that store is a novelty to us since they’d shut down most of the ones in our area of Chicago), and it was such a treat to go to sleep in a squishy comfy new bed.

  • We bought a 20″ TV and a cheapie DVD player. This will prolly live in the guest room later, but as we have no couch/comfy seating (outside a few floor cushions that aren’t that comfy) in the living room, it currently lives in our bedroom (but I generally don’t like having a TV in the bedroom).

  • $28 microwave from Target. It gives us a duplicate, but we tried living for a few days without a microwave, and then $28 oven waved itself in our faces in the most tempting way, so could resist no more and took it home with us last night. We’ve been daily Target shoppers for the last week or so. I’m not even kidding you. That is quite sad.
  • A handy dandy bistro set that has been serving as our dining table/chairs. It also got to spend some time on the balcony this weekend, as the temps hit 75 and the sun shone like it was summer. {} It will live permanently on our balcony once our regular dining room stuff comes to join us down south. During the days, I’ve been using it as my desk for the laptop too.

  • I went to the local Cost Plus today. I love Cost Plus. I got the sweetest salt and pepper shaker by Stoha on clearance ($3.48! It’s definitely not necessary, but it was too cute not to). I also got a cutie doormat that I later spied in Kathleen’s Flickr Photostream. Like minds!!

  • Other observations that necessitated for creation of duplication:

    • You cannot make a perfect fried egg with a wooden spoon serving as a turner. No way.
    • New shower liner curtains smell forever of that stanky vinyl stink. Ick.
    • Even when you think you’ll save money and duplication by not buying more soap dishes for your soap, you wind up having to buy some nice liquid soaps to prevent that slimy soap squidge from developing all over your counter tops.
    • Big roomy kitchen = building desire to actually cook within it (we feel so grown-up and responsible now…and we’re in an apartment!?) =  need to buy the basic foodstuffs and spices and cookware and utensils and china and glasses. We did come to learn that the Kroger nearby is super swanky and will fill in just fine for the Trader Joe’s we’ll be missing.
    • Having showers and such call for the shower liner of stinky sub-bullet2 and for new bath towels. It might be a sickness, but I love buying new bath towels. We have far too many towels for the space we have in Chicago, but I do hope that will not be the case with the mother huge closets here…Close to my joy in buying new towels is the joy of new toiletries. Shampoos and bath concoctions and such. I love loading up on those. And the guilt factor is low, since you use up toiletries eventually, right?

Yeah, bloggy news has been low since I basically am just moving little bits and bobs in and around this apartment for now. And I’ve spent most of this week working on updates for The Walrus. Oh! How could I forget? I went to the A.C. Moore here (my first time ever to an AC Moore) and I was so thoroughly enthralled. Columbia is good because it’s got AC + Michaels + Hobby Lobby. Just need a Paper Source and a Blick now and I’d be set…

Hope your week has started off in a good way!!