Happy St. Pat’s Day!

Hope you don’t get pinched (unless you want to be) and that you have lots of lucky charms and green beer to keep you happy and jovial today! (pssst, swing by Kenenske for a great leprechaun photo!! It made me laugh out loud truly.)

* Illustration Friday *

I will be traveling and packing like all get-out over the next few days, so I’m posting my Illustration Friday pics up a day early (I know, I know, the anal-retentive side of me keeps telling me it’s not Friday yet, but I don’t know what kind of time I’ll have to post later….). This week’s topic was “Fragile.” My first thought turned to spring and gossamer wings, and I came up with a fairy (with delicate wings) holding in her palms even more delicate robin’s eggs. I’m not 100% pleased with it (the concept was way better in my head than in full execution, but I was getting carpal tunnel going back and reworking so much…):

Then yesterday afternoon, it occurred to me that one of my most favorite film quotes (and a favorite film) of all time is the one concerning the word, “fragile:”

And totally off-topic, but related to Christmas, my cup of chai smells just like Christmas. Delicious!!

Have a great weekend all!