Partly moved!

Monkey and I are back in SC as of yesterday afternoon, with a few more bits and bobs and some furniture of the essential sort. Monkey’s sis/bro-in-law/nephews and niece arrived yesterday afternoon to help us unload. We are mostly unpacked and settling in a bit more…but the house in Chicago is still filled to the gills with things to pack. The big pack-up using the pro movers is coming up soon (this weekend was all DIY…I was very, very bad at driving the 10′ box truck…wavery on mountain roads = bad), but for now, things are really in process.

No other news, just have been packing for 2.5 days and driving over 1.5 (we broke up the drive and stayed overnight in Knoxville). But, I did have a nice flight tip: Independence Air was great! Roomy enough, on time, and fun little extras like hot towel service and mints before you deplane. Worth looking into next time you fly. =)

More news to follow, I hope! For now, I hope you’ve all had a great start to this week!


P.S., Happy OFFICIAL Spring!!