I like kids. I really do. But when there are 3 of them with very strong personalities wrestling and wrangling themselves into a prolonged tizzy (a tizzy of the loudest, most whingiest proportions), I begin to retreat into my own little Gnome cocoon in my head. I had to opt out of their siteseeing (I think they’re taking a trolley through town, or something of the sort) today because I’ve got a few errands to run (and a need for some quiet me-time), and oy.

We did have a nice time at the Riverbanks Zoo yesterday, though. We all got sloshed with buckets of rain midway through the afternoon, but it was great! I haven’t been to a zoo for a couple of years now and I always forget how enjoyable it is to watch the bears play and the sea lions swim and the elephants galumph about.

Off for errands. Respite from children is errands. A very valuable lesson learned…