illustration friday : the rules have changed!

So I got all anal about posting my illo a day early last week, but it turns out that that was just in the nick of time, because all new topics are posted on Fridays now! So, here’s my very late entry for this week’s topic: Bloom.


spring collaborative coloring book project

Jessica Poundstone came up with the most stupendous of ideas for this spring: a collaborative coloring book project with the theme of “The Return of Spring.” We were to color one of the pages from the book and post it within the month of March. I so wanted to color so many of the pages, but I’ve still to get the printer/scanner hooked up here in the apartment, so I had to default and digitally color my own picture (the book is a PDF…no idea how to edit the pages in there to color the others. Eh. Anyhoo, I wanted to get this in here before March up and left on me.


operation haremail

I finally shipped off my Haremail package to my buddy yesterday, but my Bunny Buddy’s package arrived sometime over the weekend whilst we were cajoling our furniture to run away to SC with us. I picked this up at the post office as I shipped my Bunny Box off. Serendipity or somesuch.

Check out the bunnylicious goodness dear Ani sent me! Thanks so much, Ani, for the fab swap, and thanks mucho to Tammy for organizing such a fun event!