another great goodies post

Because I have been slacking at the posting, people! Life sure has a funny way of keeping things busy, even when one is unemployed…Eh, but I’m heading back to Chicago tonight (!), even if Monkey is staying for work and I have a dentist’s appointment tomorrow, I get to spend some quality sister time in Chicago!!

Check out the goodies of late:

The darlingest Hannah I know sent me these sweet housewarming greetings. I am over the moon in love with the gnome keychain, and that handmade housewarming card is genius-adorable (see the closeup, behind the gnome). And. My bottle of Dawn is feeling so modest and fashionable in her new apron (she was running around nude before!). Thank you so much, Hannah!!


The most extraordinary Sunni I know sent me housewarming and Easter greetings of the most wonderful sort. Gorgeous stitched cards, stamped envelopes, the most felicitous handmade stuffed bunny (I love her color…robin’s egg bluey), a fantastical fan which will go onto my craft room wall, and a glorious stash of Easter goodies!! Thanks so much, Sunni!


The stupendous Pinky sent me these awesome luggage tags just because quite a few weeks back (I only picked them up from our place in Chicago when we were back for the last packup and loads of built-up mail a few weekends back). I am dreadfully late at posting these gorgeous goodies. They kick bootay.


A little while ago, the most adorable Frecklegirl thrilled me to bits by commissioning me to create an illustration that she and her betrothed could use for a Save the Date card. She was so kind to send me a great copy of their final Save the Date for my portfolio. I just lurve weddings. I still get weepy every time I watch A Wedding Story.


Last weekend, Monkey and I made our first batch ever of eggrolls. They were really de-lish! We were so proud of ourselves, we had to snap lots of pics to show Mom. Mom, I know these were very different from your incomparable eggrolls, but look, we made them!!

Finally, what good thing does Martha not serve up? It’s becoming dangerous having a Big K nearby. I should probably be embarrassed with myself, but I’m not? This little chest of drawers cost me $7. Yep. $7. Alright, it’s cardboard, but isn’t it pretty for cardboard? Monkey and I are upgrading some of our storage furniture (dressers and such) since most of the stuff we’d had were of the post-college variety (and fell apart when we actually went to move them, not kidding). In the meantime, a gnome needs a place to store her smalls (Monkey’s phrase for undies and such). Seven bucks!!

Ok, I’ve loved you and now I’m leaving you. Hopefully, stuff will be simmered enough to check in over the next few days…also, I feel compelled to set the record straight about Brutus. He was not dressed up as a bunny. Some other unfortunate pug at that meetup was the bunny. Brutus was au naturel, save the blue harness and leash. He was, however, caught giving kisses to some random boy in one of those pics. That kissing pug, that is Brutus.