Illo Friday: Crowded

I’m too late to enter my entry to the IF forum, but since I spent a bit of time (meant for packing but instead used on my computer sans tablet), I thought I’d post anyway.

This was a fun topic and many different takes on it popped into my head. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s now springy and rainy here in Chicago (oh my, the really bad weather on Wednesday left me in Dulles for an extra 5 hours longer than originally scheduled…very uncomfy seats, dingy atmosphere, and smelly little bathrooms. Ick. I was feeling sorry for the folks who were sleeping in the terminals at O’Hare (mind, the seats here are way more comfy and there are tv’s to watch and nicer bathrooms….), who I spied once we landed early Thursday morning).

Anyway, I used to work at the Sears Tower a few years back. The sidewalks at lunchtime and after work were always very crowded. They felt even more crowded when it was raining and everyone brought out their brollies.


a few more goodies to share!

So Monkey and I haven’t actually forwarded our mail from Chiago to SC yet…some kind of denial mechanism still in place in our heads, perhaps? Anyhoo, there were literally big boxes of mail waiting for me when I got home early Thursday morning. Tucked within were some treats from 2 of the sweetest gals I know in Blogworld:

Anne-Marie, the super smart, sassy, poochie-loving, PhD knitter who cracks me up daily, sent me these fabulous fabbies:

 close-ups below:

I think it’s her uncanny knowledge of all things good, but those Kitchen Grippers are just what I’ve been needing lately. Because tight jars and things of that ilk have been mighty contenders against a gnome gone soft. And those argyle socks just rock my little world. It was so sweet of her to send me these lovelies because they made her think of little ol’ me. Aww! 


Tania of the sweetest illos around and one of my earlier commenters on this here blog and one of the great inspirers in my daily wanderings, sent me these wonderful little treasures, also just because!

I now have original Tania post cards and cutie magnets (the apartment in SC is barren of any magnets, save a magnetic notepad and a few magnetic dry-erase mini boards…these magnets will be a welcome addition to the kitchen!) as well as fun fuzzy poms, sweet pencils, vines and lady bug stickers, and 2 funky monkey stampers. Hooray!


I did a bit of shopping before we left for SC the first time almost a month ago. Then a I did a little more while we were in SC. I just remembered to tell you about them now, in case you’re in the market for any such items:

Quibbly is about to stop selling her very cool, one-of-a-kind buttons. I’ve become quite the button fiend over the last year or so (I don’t have a precise explanation for why). I ordered a load of them from Michi sometime in February, over the course of which, we corresponded a few times and we learned lots of fun things about one another. She is one cool cat. She tossed in an extra one for me for good measure. And her buttons are very cool. See:


And then, I ordered this bracelet from 77 Industries after having read about it at Awful Cufflinks. It was only $6!

Ok, that’s it for now! Lots and lots and lots of packing over the next few days. Wish us luck! We are in desperate need of that and perhaps a few minor miracles to get our arses in gear. Happy weekend!


edited to add: Please swing by and send some good vibes to Cheeky Professor today. She has just gone through some heart-wrenching stuff. The kind that made this gnome cry today. =(