sneaky post

We’ve been living without furniture/computers for most of this week because the packers arrived and totally packed up all our crap on Monday and hauled it out of this little cottage of ours on Tuesday. So, I’ve only been able to sneakily get onto Monkey’s work laptop very infrequently and sneak this post right now, while Monkey is off dropping off our extra stuff to donation boxes around the greater NW-suburban Chicagoland area…we were supposed to be back in Columbia midweek this week but are still here due to some extended medical tests I’ve been having to take. =| So, my regular bloggy friends, please forgive the infrquent posting/commenting/emailing (I owe a ton of replies….). We’re heading out towards our home in the south shortly. I hear from some of y’all that there may be packages awaiting us at our new address. I promise to let you know as soon as we get them (our postal guy has a hold order right now). You are sweetums and will make a warm welcome indeed for us down in SC. Thank you. You know who you are!

Also, I got to meet up with the darlingest Rubber-Sol and her incredible family while on my extendo stay here in Chicago.  I will post more later, because of no pic-reading facility beig currently available to me…Look for new updates and fun stuff next week!

Hope you have a fab weekend and that stuff gets back to normal sooooon….