I’ll be working my way back to you, babe…

It has been forever since I’ve posted! Thanks for all the nice comments and thoughts!!Things have just been busy (Walrus, movers brought the rest of our boxes last week, I still can’t find my sewing machine or several of my craft supplies in storage, etc…)…I’ve been finding many ways to keep my mind on other things. And I’ve been reticent to post because I have a ton of pics to post, but my arse has been entirely too lazy to upload them and such…I think tomorrow perhaps will be the day the pics finally make an appearance. :}

Anyhoot, I played Housewife to the hilt today and made dinner for the first time for a boss. Monkey’s boss, since I’m unemployed currently. That’s pretty Carol Brady (except Alice did the cooking, and did Mike have a boss ever show up in the Brady house for a meal?), no? I’ve been honing my cooking skills quite a lot lately. It might be a residual thing from being pregnant (where all day long I thought about food, even when I was queasy as hell…I was watching Food Network all hours of the day and am still hooked), but I’ve been trying all sorts of recipes out lately. It’s been great! Today’s meal {cooked along to this}:

Linguine with Caper and Green Olive Sauce ~ from Real Simple (if you need to enter a code to get in, it’s ‘clean’). It turned out really well. Nice mix of different flavors and textures and colors. Yum!

Spring Mix Salad with Pear and Feta ~ My favorite way to make a nice salad is to buy a base bag salad (spring green mix is a fave) and then add the toppings I like for extra vavavoom. I added chopped bosc pears and crumbled garlic and herb feta cheese. Tossed it all together with Monkey’s balsamic/dijon vinaigrette. Yum!

Choco Berry Parfait ~ This is a variation on one of my favorite quick-make desserts I’d first concocted a few years back. I lay a base of Belgian cream puffs, slapped on a scoop of chocolate ice cream, popped in sliced strawberries, layered a plop of Cool Whip, and then pressed in a Fudge & Walnut brownie bite (from the Kroger bakery) into the middle of the Cool Whip layer and then topped that with a teensy dollop of Cool Whip and more sliced strawberries, which then get a sprinking of sugar. Lots of different textures and temperatures and flavors. So yum!

I bought a loaf of garlic bread from the Kroger bakery to bake at home. It was way buttery and not so tasty. See how unappealing it looks in that picture? Yeah. It was a case of time-saver (kind of) not worth the effort. If I’d just bought a baguette and made my own garlic bread spread, as my mom taught me back when I was a wee middle schooler, I think the bread would’ve been way better. Lesson learned! Also, the pasta really does look scrummier (with all the yummy bits of olives and capers and parsley) in person. I ate halfway through my portion before I remembered to snap a pic. =}


Happy Birthday to One Fabulous Becky!

Becky, happy happy day, darling! I hope this day has been spectacular and a wonderful start to a kickass year and a wonderful decade too! You’re awesome!


I promise to be back with more fun stuff (good lordy, do I have a huge storehouse of goodies to share) much sooner and more often than I had been over the last couple of weeks. Happy May!