Last weekend, Monkey bought this DVD for me because it really excited me(if you would like to buy yourself one, we found our copy at Circuit City). Because I am such a huge 80s fiend¹. I was terribly jazzed² at the prospect of a big collection of videos from my formative years, and Monkey claims to not be as big a fan of the 80s (because he was all cool-teenager-punker by the time I got into music as a 9-year-old with her first taste of MTV…old fart!). But the thing is full of “live” performances of the bands lip-synching and dancing wildly or standing around coolly (in that 80s kind of way). Mildly disappointing, but great tunes (because, let’s face it…some of these bands were fun to look at, but to listen to live, perhaps not so much). Anyway, to get us in the mood to go out tonight, Monkey popped this DVD on. Great tunes.

The funny thing is, I loved Depeche Mode (still quite enjoy them), but Monkey has never liked them³. He actually got physically agitated when their clip came on (great song) and tried to fight his shaking foot, but alas two notes into the song, he had to skip forward to the next track. He dislikes them that much! He find them “painful to watch.” He then skipped around a bit and actually got up and danced around (including the Skinhead Moonstomp) with Madness and The Specials (Casey has joined in; she’s such a sport). And me, the 80s fan, I’m just sitting here, sedately typing away…Oh, but he just put on Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys!!” I so wanted to be Mrs. John Taylor. Even if he was 15 years (or so) older and I was merely 10. He was (still is) just so pretty.

In other 80s news, I saw an ad on NBC last night that this show will be coming in 2 weeks. Exploitive and sad, but I think I’m already sold. I’m totally going to watch. (I loved Bands Reunited on VH1 and want more of that, too.)

Finally, Island Girl sent me on a most fantastic blast from the past with this post. I hope (if you’re an 80s fiend too) that you enjoy it too.

operation make-new-friends

In other real-world news, Monkey and I are now on the fast-track to trying to make new friends (and keeping the old…one is silver and the other gold, no?), because we don’t really have any in this new city of ours, save a few of our complex neighbors and Monkey’s coworkers. As many of you in Blogworld have more eloquently put it, it’s really hard making new friends when you’re a grown-up. But try, we will. Tomorrow is a big day, as we’re going to take sailing classes (that’s more because Monkey’s always wanted to take sailing classes, but whatever), and then tomorrow night we’re trying the Dine-Out Columbia group. 

Wish us luck!!

Hope you all have an extraordinary weekend. Take good care!

¹I had an 80s AM -radio show the last 2 years of college…it was way more popular than my college show, Nocturne, my first 2 years at the FM station, and you could only get the AM-radio 80s show if you lived on campus and actually plugged your radio into the campus electrical outlets {carrier current technology}.

²Thanks to Kathleen for this really cool phrase that has come in most handily in my head lately.

³Apparently, he came across the DM dudes in a bar in London. They were acting like absolute wankers and he thought that was uncool, esp. since they were much more popular in the States than they were in the UK.