more goodies

This time, for you, not for me. The latest round of Happily Handmade kicks off today! You can enter from June 1 through July 31. Go on, you know you want some cool handmade goodies!! Lots of great participating shops! Lots of luck!!


I did receive this goodie in the mail a few days back. The incredible, gorgeous Believe journal made its way to the gnome home from Dallas. The pages in here are just amazing. Seriously. I am so so thrilled to have this beautiful piece of collaborative art in my little hands. Jill was the Collective Souler who last had the journal before sending it to me, and she tucked in a fantastic fabric flower pin for little ol’ me. Hee! =}



We spent most of the holiday weekend soaking up sun (trying to even out the tan head/pasty neck & body thing), eating, and hanging out with Monkey’s work friends. We went to get ice cream after dinner on Sunday night, and Isabella (2-year-old daughter of Monkey’s boss) decided to repeatedly belt out her ABC’s in her outside voice when placed upon the big windowsill (which, really, is like a stage, no?). It was hilarious! She sang with extreme vim, vigor, passion. Full flourished fanned hands. Stompy dance moves with corresponding waves of the arms. Puts Liza to shame, really. You can see Caroline and Alex (super cute kids of one of Monkey’s colleagues) giggling in the background. Alex was super smitten (I’m not kidding!) with Isabella, who was running around giving many hugs and kisses to the under-10 set. Awww!

before the show:



Other miscellaneous good things I’d highly recommend:

Honeydew Melon White Tea. We picked up a tin the other day from Earthfare, and I’ve been hooked ever since. So summery, light, and delicate. So good.

Poochie sidekicks are always the best. Even if I’m just sitting in the poof chair by the window, Casey is my sweetie pie who likes to tag along and just hang out. She keeps me company in my new adventure of trying to be self-employed.


 Casey also likes to snuggle up to aunties on the balcony.

I’m on the hunt for a good pair of real, functional sneakers for working out and such (do you have any suggestions? I’m not a big runner, but I will do light jogging), but I am really loving on this pair of cheap-ass shoes I am ashamed to admit I found at a Wal-Mart (what? I was looking for water shoes for sailing, at 11pm the night before sailing…who else was open?). They happened to be on clearance for nine bucks!

 I like them because of 1)the apple green coloring 2)no shoe laces to tie & no velcro 3)they look good with shorts and capris and those little footie non-sock gym socks. They’re not real gym shoes, but they’re great for walking the pooch and for schmoozing about town.

Some good reads I’ve really enjoyed recently: The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud, Coraline, Little Children,  The Secret Life of Bees, You Remind Me of Me, and my current read (quite juicy, but not too much), The Jane Austen Book Club

Hmmm. Yeah. That’s about it for now on the goodies. Don’t hate me for going to Wal-Mart (it was a moment of desperation; Monkey hates the place and won’t willingly go there unless mostly necessary without other options). I redeemed this post with the tip for free handmade goodies and cute dogs and kids, right?