First off, thanks much to all of you who gave me so many great suggestions for new sneaks. My last 3 pairs were, in recent reverse chronological order, New Balances, New Balances, and Nikes. I may have had an Asics pair way way back. I guess I threw out my last pair of NB’s in our move from Chicago (I was purging things like nobody’s business. Those who know me would’ve been alarmed), because when I unpacked my big box of shoes here in SC, they were nowhere to be found.  I guess this calls for big-time shoe shopping soon (Melissa, I am hearing you on being properly fitted…Monkey is a huge proponent of that and used to always go to the running store at Clark and Fullerton for proper fitting). I’ve been going back and forth between a pair of Steves and my cheapie WalMart Starters. Neither are adequate for actually working out (too cute to be functional?), which Monkey has been persuading me to do daily (we’re currently on a very big healthy kick. it’s killing me).

anti-health…but not really
I wanted to share this chocolate with you all, because it is HEAVENLY. I am most certainly not one of those people who get all orgasmic about chocolate. I like chocolate, but only reasonably and without too much fanfare. I don’t coo and ahh at a good piece of chocolate, usually. At least, I never had before. Not even at really excellent chocolate. But this chocolate, oh my. It really made me coo. In particular, we had the Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate. It is truly divine. High recommendation from the Gnome to you. Healthy or no, I say the endorphins released from munching on this chocolate will do you a world of wonder (added bonus for collagers and papercrafters, the wrapper has all sorts of fun doodads to cut out and use in assemblages).

house hunting
Monkey and I spent a good part of Saturday with our real estate agent, who we both think is the cat’s pajamas. He is so laid-back (which we really appreciate) and knowledgeable, but he is also 110% in tune with what we like (he was spot-on with the houses he found for us to see) and looking out for our investment in finding a new MonkeyGnome¹ home here in SC. We looked at 4 houses this past weekend, and every single one of them was wonderful. I could seriously envision living in each one. Monkey and I have become especially smitten with 2 houses. This is the part on House Hunters where Suzanne “Wiggles” Whang asks, ‘which house will this couple choose?’ We’re still up in the air about a gorgeous rehabbed house on the edge of a great area or a fixer-upper smack-dab in the heart of one of the prettiest neighborhoods I’ve seen down here. They both are listed for the same price. Monkey and I have turned into house stalkers and have driven past both of them several times now…we still have that pesky chore of selling the house back in Chicago! Eeee.

 happy wishes
Happy Birthday (belated, because I am not a blogger nor laptop surfer on the weekend, so much) to Leslie! Hope you are having a fab time in your new age and soaking up plenty of time for little people loving and crafting!!

Happy happy wedding thoughts to Princess Dawn! Yay! I love a good engagement story. So exciting and wonderful!! 

¹Have you seen this MonkeyGnome? I wonder where on earth the artist decided to make a MonkeyGnome stuffie. It’s such a serendipitous goodie!