gnome g: a bad, bad blogger

I cannot believe the month of June is nearly over. I can’t believe where all the hours of the day while away to. I can’t believe I am such a bad blogger. I used to be so good! Life’s just been inordinately full and busy and hectic for the last month or two. It really amazes me how busy one can keep while being unemployed. It’s a little bit discouraging. Gone are all those thoughts and daydreams of “if I weren’t working, I would…” Because I’m not working in a cube farm and still I am not filling in that blank very well.

So what the hell have I been up to?

I have been working. I’m doing some freelance design work, which is really cool. I’ve been designing new goodies for The Walrus (check out my new blank notecard sets!). I’ve also been updating my resume finally (I really despise the act of creating and revising resumes; it should be pretty straightforward, but really, it never is) and hoping to submit it soon. It’s taking me forever to get just right. I’m not sure it’ll ever quite get just right. Blecch.

Other highlights…have caught a few summer blockbusters and a quirky documentary. Quite enjoyed Batman Begins (love Cillian, love Christian)*. Bewitched was sweet. Mr & Mrs Smith was a rollicking good time. Caught The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Amy and I liked it; Monkey and Ron, not so much. It appealed to the hopeless romantic and super softie side of me. Have been cooking, eating out at lots of fun local spots (will save foodie stuff for another post) and making more new friends (!). Have bought a new sewing machine (I am so excited, esp. since I still have not found my old machine in storage!!). Had fun creating just for the sake of creating for the Collective Souls Journal (it was such a nice break from making to make $$). See detailed pics of pages at Flickr. Have also received some super fun snail mail! Pics below!

A smattering of Walrus blank notecard designs (there are 9 different sets!):



My Believe Journal pics:

Snail Mail goodies:


Sweetpeas Jes sent me super fun housewarming goodies of paper lanterns (which you all know I love), blank notecards (can never have too many), seashell citronella candles (so pretty!), and a fab seaglass-green plant mister (yay!). Thanks so much, Jes!!

I ordered a few goodies from Hope’s fab shop, Paper, Scissors, Soul. They are now gracing walls in the guest room and my craft room (above where my new sewing machine will sit!). Hope’s collage genius is pictured in the recent issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. How flipping cool is that?! Congrats, Hope!!

One thing we have not been doing is buying houses. Yet. We still are in limbo re: houses right now. Still waiting to sell the house in Chicago (Lizzie is househunting and just called just now to let me know she’s put in an offer for full-price on a house that just had another offer submitted, how House Hunters is that? It’s so exciting!! Happy homeowner vibes to my little sis!!). We did go back and have another walkthrough of the FSBO home, and we met our prospective new neighbors, who were super nice and lots of fun and in our age group. I could totally see holding some block parties with them (they let us in on a block party bbq rivalry they’ve got going with another party house down the block. how fun!). 

Ok, you can see that my blogging writing style has suffered some for lack of doing. Eep. I do promise to try to get over to all your blogs and pay a visit soon. Also, I aim to be a better blogger soon. My folks and then Lizzie are coming up for visits over the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping I’m a better blogger then. But if not, then after.


* More Cillian references here and here and here. Hmm.