a taste of househunting…

Lizzie just let me know the virtual tour of our house back in Chicago is up. It looks great with her stuff in it (Monkey and I are too clutterbug for it to have ever looked this good while we were there). I hope it sells, I hope it sells, I hope it sells!


This is a pic of the FSBO house that my family wasn’t digging so much. I tried a bit of Photoshop malarkey to help us visualize if we can up the curb appeal factor. Anyone have any ideas for what we could do to make it cuter? I don’t think it looks that bad to begin with, but my fam is so not sold.

The actual house as it is:

The house after a bit of doctoring in Photoshop:

A. (I’m not sure what happened to the brick in this pic)  

B. (Monkey prefers painted brick)


Any ideas? We’re also toying with the idea of another nice area of town that George showed us (lovely house) and a house Monkey’s been smitten with for a long time in a great spot (but it’s the biggest house on its block…and priced as such).


Unrelated, but so cute! I stumbled across these cuties whilst searching for some collage pics. I hope to someday have a little gal to buy some of these for!