My Five Things

Marie tagged me (yay!) for this fun meme. I love making lists. I’m a listmaker.

5 CDs in your Player:
• Hot Fuss ~ The Killers
• Schubert Dip ~ EMF
•  The Concretes ~ The Concretes  
• Cerulean~ The Ocean Blue
• Per Second, Per Second, Per Second…Every Second ~ Wheat

5 Movies You’ve Seen Recently:
• The Island
• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
• War of the Worlds
• Bewitched
• Batman Begins

5 Nice Things That Happened To You Lately:
• Got a nice compliment about my specs while out shopping
• Got to spend extended weekend time with my Monkey and his family
• Got a big shot of productivity
• Got a really fun snail mail letter from my friend Melissa (Melly311!)
• Got through a fabulous read in a few days’ time (I LOVE this book, y’all)

5 MP3s on your playlist:
• Different ~ Acceptance
All These Things That I’ve Done~ The Killers
Sing ~ Travis
Singing In My Sleep ~ Semisonic
Is This Music? ~ Teenage Fanclub

5 Friends You’re Passing This To: (I’m hoping they haven’t already done this!)


Other bits and bobs…

  • Outside-Atlanta was fun. We didn’t go hit the actual city of Atlanta, because we were really there to let the kids get their fill at Six Flags. 2 days’ worth.
  • A friend of the kids from back home in Bath came with his folks to visit here in the States. It’s incredible how quickly they’re growing up. This was one batch of 4 very good-looking kids (Monkey’s 2 nephews (William looks like a mini Monkey, complete with the longest, most lush lashes that will one day make a girl swoon) and niece + their friend, Sam (looks like a mini Cillian Murphy- goodness help the teenaged girls who become smitten with him)).
  • Justin Theroux is the coverboy of the latest issue of Bust.
  • Cool mag you should check out: Redefine
  • Fun furniture shop (I’m glad they’ve got a location here in Columbia).

Right, my brain just drew a big blank. It’s just as well, since I really need to keep my productivity levels higher. I wish for you many Happy Mondays.