Eye Candy

Kraf-o-la Karen always does a most wonderful Eye Candy Tuesday. I don’t think I can keep up. My eye candy is merely coincidentally on a Tuesday, and it’s mostly my own eye candy I’m offering up today (I’ve been a slacker at surfing around online too much).

I’ve been having a blast painting for fun. I’m still a relative newbie, but it’s just been so enjoyable.

I’ve been in love with my phthalo blue (doesn’t saying that remind you of Bob Ross or William Alexander? I was such a PBS kid) and slathering it on everything.

I’ve also been itching to try assemblages and collaging more. I haven’t really done a whole lot of it since college. It was really fun! I did suffer some glue gun burns (the glue gun, he is evil), but overall, I was really enjoying just doing.


We needed something for over the couch (Monkey’s old futon…the most comfy seat in the house) since we are still biding our time in apartment living till our house in Illinois sells (please sell, house, please!), so I made a diptych of stylized vines and berries (some of my favorite eye candy in nature). Casey is not only a fab companion in my crafty endeavors (she’s the best office mate I’ve ever, ever had), but she also is a nice home accessory.


Check it, it’s not just all Gnome G eye candy.

Rubber-Sol Leslie has just relaunched The Paper Princess today! You will be so glad you visited. Her work is all kinds of lovely. I’m glad I got a big payment at Paypal last week (though, much of it has been squandered away at iTunes). It’s waiting to be spent…Here’s a pic to entice you to visit. Tell her Gnome G sent you.


Penelope of Illustration Friday genius also recently launched her shop. I’ve always garnered much inspiration and can-do from her blog.


Finally, a very big birthday wish to a very fine gal who has long been a purveyor of the most gorgeous eye candy, a fun online friend, and an endless well of inspiration and joy. Happy Birthday, Kathleen! Big hugs!! (p.s., have you visited her fine shop yet?)