where does the time go, and more plundering!

Ok, I am getting seriously worried about my time management skills. I’m not sure how it got to be the end of the week already. I guess I’ve been relatively productive this week, but the weather’s really had me in the glooms, so it’s kind of a wash at the end of the day. Uck.


I’ve got a few new sets of blank notecards up at The Walrus. They’ve been done for a while, but I only had a chance to post them to the site this week (most of this week has been spent ferrying things to and from the local post office):


I’ve got a few other goodies that need to be uploaded to the shop site still. Keep your eyes peeled; I’ll let you know when they’re up!


Plundering in the Carolinas

Last weekend, we tagged along with Amy & Ron to Charlotte to take in some good Vietnamese grub and get some Asian grocery shopping in. That was a real treat. I had been hankering good Vietnamese food for a while now, and even more, I was really wishing there was something like the Mitsuwa around here (as yet, still not found one). We got all sorts of fun goodies (mochi, petite puddings, seasonings, crazy-sharp cleavers) and then headed up to the NoDa area for some browsing and coffee at Smellycat. It was a lot of fun! Check out some of the more fun spoils:


Amy and Ron are great. They did all the planning, and we did all the tagging along. Hee! They also brought over these great treats before we headed out:

The Pug gift bag is adorable, because the pug is a card that comes out of the dog house bag. They brought over the swanky Isaac Mizrahi doggie hugs and kisses biscuits and a whole treasure trove of treats from the Greenies people for Casey and (!) a fun pair of socks for me. Yay! They are mom and dad to 2 extremely cute pugs, Lola and Zoe. Amy inspires me to no end with her various creative endeavors (she’s the one who inspired me to take a ceramics class soon, and she knits socks like nobody’s business, and now I’m coveting some really cool placemats of hers I’ll need to buy this fall), and they are so thoughtful with the little trinkets they bring just because. Check out this monkey they gave us, which I’ve nestled into my Gnome & Garden spread:

Here’s a pic of Casey enjoying one of the treats (PNutz), which disturbingly resembles a big poo:

(not to worry; it smells like peanut butter, and Casey really enjoyed it thoroughly.)



I visited the only Japanese grocery in town on Monday (as far as I could find, anyway). It’s owned by the sweetest Japanese woman (who’s lived here in Columbia for 50+ years) who has the sweetest little mini poodle who will greet you when you enter the shop. She was so sweet, and the shop was so neat and nice, I want to send everyone in Columbia here. So, Columbians, please visit: Cheiko’s Japanese Foods ~ 226 Jamaica Street. It looks like an unassuming, teensy little garage, but it was a wonderful, warm little space within. And the food was clean and fresh and well-displayed (which is not always the case with lots of Oriental groceries). You just may get hired for something.ยน


Speaking of Japanese goodies, I received in the mail today a most wonderful stash of treats from Jenn’s most recent trip to Hawaii. Monkey and I have plundered through the goodies already. YUM.



I ‘won’ a very cool stamp set off eBay this week. I’m thrilled to bits with it, glumness and all:



Finally, Hope sent me a link for some fun Gnome plant markers last week (she too is a gnome lover, bless her). I had just serendipitously bought these guys the week before (I think my plants really like them):


Ok, if my time management skills keep going as they are, I think I ought wish you all a good weekend. Have a happy one, y’all!

ยนOne of Cheiko’s customers owns a sushi restaurant in town and tried to recruit me to be a waitress. Must be because I showed up there in the middle of the day and he didn’t think I had anything better to do!