happy vibes!

I haven’t mentioned a whole lot about Lizzie’s new house for the past few weeks because I’m a jinx-worrier (don’t want to say too much till stuff is set-set), but now the news is official! Lizzie is now a bona-fide homeowner of her very first house. She closed on it this morning, and the keys are now transferred to her. Wooo hoooo! I am so proud of her Independent Woman self, all bad-ass and homeowner and all. My little sister is such a stud. Happy new home, Lizzie!!

It was great to hear the exhilaration in her voice as she called after the closing this morning. It’s so exciting talking about all the paint color and chair rail and tile fun she’s planning. She is going to be such a DIY diva. Here are some of the before pics of her new house I snagged off the real estate site before they pull the listing (because it’s all hers now!):



Fun! Meanwhile, I am still waiting, waiting to sell my first house…the state is doing road construction that ends right outside my driveway, so buyers are really weary of going down my road (Chicagoland commuters will understand the yucky traffic diversion sitch when I say we’re at the crossroads of 2 major (i.e., heavily traveled) state roads, which are both down for improvement projects…my agent says traffic has been a mere trickle since the construction’s begun…yuck!). So, I’ve ordered a St Joseph and am hoping for the best once he gets planted. It’s really getting to be a bear waiting for this house to sell. Our FSBO folks down here called us (they seem to be in the same boat as we are…maybe we’re getting karmic returns for loving and leaving their house without committing) the other day to let us know they’re about to list with an agent but wanted to offer to us at a lower price before they released it to the open market. Eee.


Gadding about Town…

Outside home fun and drama, I’ve been getting out and about.

Over the weekend, we took Casey to Folly Beach (unfortunately, we were mistakenly informed dogs were allowed…they aren’t till September) and Charleston. It was great fun to see her enjoy her first swim in the Atlantic (we found a tiny beach park further in where pooches were allowed). She’s such a sweetie pie. We also had dinner one night out with Monkey’s boss. It’s been fun combing through this new city of ours.

This week, I had a very unpleasant exam (it’s a pdf link, so it’ll take a few to load) with my very pleasant ob/gyn this week. We’re apparently now clear to try fertilizing my eggs again. Wish us luck there! Yeah, you prolly didn’t need to know that much, but that’s been what’s what these days.

On a more pleasant note, I met up yesterday with another Switchboarder and Columbia-area indie biz maven for lunch. It was a really good time! I love meeting inventive, inspiring, fun folks. Lela was such a blast! It was a really great time getting to know one another. I don’t know if you all have this, but sometimes when I meet new folks, they often remind me of someone else I know…Lela reminded me a lot of the vivacious Jess of Rainy Sunday. Anyhoo, she was a dear and brought me a stack of goodies. Check:

 They all smell so incredible (delicious): Japanese Yuzu Body Mousse, Green Tea & Crushed Rice Body Scrub, and Wildberry Body Polish. Yummy lunch, great conversation, and free goodies! Damn, I’m a lucky gnome.


After lunch, I went off for more inadvertent networking and had a SC tax workshop (I know, it sounds like a barrel of chuckles. I have to submit taxes monthly and wanted to be sure I was doing it right). I met some really great entrepreneurs there and also learned of a huge flea market in town that I hope to hit this weekend…



A few fun things I’ve come across that you may enjoy:

~ Stories from Space (via Supernaturale): I love that the home page has a quote from Alice.

~ Cool ass door stop.

~ Typeface fun (via Something to Say).




Yeah, the blogging skills are fading from disuse. I can’t connect a full circle, or anything, worth a rat’s. Eh. Happy weekend, all!