Eventually, I’ll be back to blogging my regular, chirpy stuff. I have lots to report on from the good people of blogworld. But I’ve been at a real loss for happy words of late. The effects of Katrina have been so heartbreakingly mind-boggling that I can’t quite put into words the tremendous weight and sadness this moment in history has unleashed. Nothing quite feels like it’s enough. Monkey and I donated to The Red Cross, and The Walrus donated to the Crafters United shop at Etsy. I’m looking forward to making my first quilt block for Quilts for Katrina…Even still, we still feel we haven’t helped enough. We’re sitting comfy and cozy in our apartment full of stuff, watching tv, cuddling our dog, surfing the internet. The news stories don’t get any easier to stomach. And I can’t stop watching. I feel guilty tip tapping away on my computer. It’s all so ick.

Which isn’t to say that life isn’t still full of wonders and gratitude. It’s sad to say that such awful events have to happen to remind us to be thankful for our little things. For one another. For our good friends. While all this badness and sadness is happening, our world keeps rolling onward, and life and the business of living still keep going, bringing with it every moment new specks of happiness and comfort…we’re still enjoying the fun and happy moments we’ve been blessed enough to have…we’ll be doing more donating…doing what we can to help out. It may be little in the grand scheme of things, but it will help in some small way, eventually.


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