Good Vibes to My Casey

Today is Casey’s birthday. I’m a bad mom, because it took a birthday wish email from Dogster to remind me (I really should remember; it’s a week after Monkey’s birthday). My darling little girl is 7 today. It should all be tummy rubs and poochie treats, but we both experienced something so frightening for us today. At first, I thought Casey might be chasing a random fly around the house (she’s been known to catch quite a few, nimble little thing that she is), but after a few minutes of her continued, frenetic running around the apartment, I realized something must be amiss. As I followed her frenzied running, I could see that Casey wasn’t all there. Her legs seemed to have taken on a life of their own, carrying her at rapid, twitchy speeds against her will. It was a seizure.

My little Casey had a seizure today.

It was the first she’d ever had, and the first I’d ever experienced. It scared us both. My skin went cold and my heart started to pound quickly and furiously as the realization finally hit. I sat down next to her, where she finally crashed into a couch and lay on her back, legs still going full-force. I stroked her head and cooed gentle words at her. She seemed to return back to herself after a few moments, panting and very tired. I was about beside myself at this point. I just wanted to make her feel better. She seemed to be back to her normal self after a few more moments of stroking, but I could see her front paw twitching and her eyes picking up a glazed-over look, fully dilated and staring off beyond me again. The second seizure was much milder and shorter in duration, but good God, I was beside myself just trying to soothe her and myself. So far, it’s been just the 2 seizures. Our vet has us on Casey alert to keep an eye out and see how she’s faring and if any other episodes occur. He’s said that it’s not uncommon for most dogs to experience one seizure at some point in their lifetimes. I hope these are the only ones she ever has to endure. I know I’ll be better at commemorating all her future birthdays.