Good Things

So many good things to share…I’ve been hanging onto some of them for a few weeks, since it seemed not quite right for me to be all chirpy over good things when there were so many sad things going on.

But! Good things are good things, and they deserve their day in the sun too. Yay!

  • The Queen of Good Things’ new show premiered today. I caught it by happenstance on our local WB affiliate this morning. TLC also airs it in the evening for those of you with day jobs. Marcia Cross (Bree of Desperate Housewives) was one of the guests. Poor thing! It was a bit difficult, because Martha + short attention span = not a good listener. Fine if you’re not doing a talk show format, but…..I’ll prolly keep watching for a bit anyway. I like Martha. She’s kooky in a stiff kind of way.
  • Big press for The Walrus and for Hope’s Paper Relics on the same page! It was quite exciting to learn that both Hope and I had work featured in the “This We Like column” of the October/November issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion. Neither one of us were subscribers to the magazine, but I want to send a huge thank you to Mary and her awesome Indie Collective, as that was how MEHC found us. Brilliant! And also brilliant were all you great blogworld friends who’d seen the issue and dropped me a note to let me know. Big thanks to Jes, Jess, KathyJenny, and Jennifer for sending a note with big congrats even before I could get my hands on a newsstand copy. You all made my day!!
  • Super Snail Mail Galore! It was stupendous to return home from my visit in Chicago to a huge stash of fantastic mail. Woo woooot!

    • August snail mail from my Snail Mail swap partner, Michele:

I hit the motherlode of goodies this time. I love all the vintage-inspired papers and ephemera and I LOVE the Altered Books Workshop book. I haven’t altered a book since college, when I took a great course in Bookmaking and Letterpress.

    • I got a great surprise in the mail from Joleen: an art challenge! She totally had me smiling when I found this crammed into our little mail box (despite notes not to bend, the postal carrier did bend the package, but all was well):

It’s a goodie bag of crafty bits and bobs from which I’m to create something. I am totally going to do it this week! I hope it turns out well!

    • Maria sent me a load of fabulous craft supplies for her fun Craft Challenge as well (I first learned of it through sweet Jes!). I love the little bits she tucked in for me. I could see my theme forming as I picked through all the fun pieces! I also hope to complete this challenge this week!

    • I ordered some sweet notecards from Leslie’s shop and got a bonus of a fun little pouch to boot! On another day, she sent some of her cute bookplates and fun socks that mirror a set of stamps I’d ordered from her a while back.  Woot!


    • I ordered these great Gnomic notecards from the Crafters United shop at Etsy. They’re from a company called Young & With It Industries. I got a sweet little matchbook notepad as a bonus with the order! And all the gnomes, oh my!

  • Monkey’s birthday was on the 2nd of this month. No, I didn’t forget it. I just didn’t feel right posting about it so close after Katrina. I know I’m weird. Anywhoo, in case you might be needing a gift for your manfriends, the following went over very well:

  • We had a nice lunch over at Ron & Amy’s on Labor Day (followed by a session of group-house-stalking!). Amy made a yummy pesto-grilled-chicken-pasta and these fab birthday cupcake cones for Monkey. I love them! The last time I saw cupcake cones, I was probably 8 years old! So fun!

  • It was so great visiting with Lizzie (and Brutus!) and helping her set up her own new house. It’s the sweetest little cape cod on a very cute street. More pics here.

  • We also squeezed in a few visits with friends while we were back in Chicago. We didn’t get enough time to get around and see everyone (sorry!!), but you all are at the top of our list for the next time! We had a lot of tidying up to do on the house that will not sell, so we were really pressed for time. I was a dolt and didn’t get a snap of Melly (hey Melly!!) because I had my camera but no memory stick when Lizzie and I met up with her, but I did get a few snaps with the old gang and with Judy and Tammy.
  • I’m going to visit NYC for the first time at the end of this month with a bunch of fabulous ladies {Jes, Hope, Kathleen, Leslie, Yvonne}!! I am so excited. I really should’ve been better with saving money this month…any suggestions for definite must do’s (and good things!) in NYC?
  • Casey and I send a big thank you to all of you who left us such sweet comments. She is feeling much better and seems to be back to her old self. I am watching her more closely than I had before, though, and I offer her more of my silly songs and cuddles. Thank you and wooof!