The Joy of Sox and Other Good Things!

Heh heh. Did I make you read that title twice? I’m just thrilled to bits that the weather has cooled off enough to actually feel like fall, necessitating the breaking out of sweaters and socks. Oh, glorious socks. You know I love me some socks. And sweaters! I’m wearing them! In South Carolina!

In fact, it was our splendid trip to NYC which first coaxed my socks and sweaters out of hibernation. It was such an incredible, whirlwind trip. Leslie, Kathleen, Hope, Dawn, Jes, and Yvonne are such an exuberant bunch of gals. It was really magnificent to be able to meet some of your favorite blogworld folks in real life. And in such a world-class city! It’s even better when you know you share so many of the same interests for real…creativity, snapping touristy pics, crafty business brainstorming, shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Each of these gals was an inspiration in her own special way, and it was fun going back to college-dorm-mode in our hotel rooms, gabbing and dropping into one another’s rooms pre- and post- city trawls. It was such a short, packed weekend! I didn’t get to fit in a visit with my buddy Kramer (so sorry, Amy! we’re coming back for a special visit to see you and your growing brood next time!!), but I did get to experience the wonders of webworld friends, Pearl River Mart, MJ Trimming, Kate’s Paperie, Little Italy, Chinatown, Soho, midtown, Central Park… Monkey had whole other pre-me experiences with NYC, so it was really wonderful to be initiated into this great city with these great gals. I really couldn’t imagine my first NYC visit any other way now! There were so many fun and good things that happened in this short weekend that it’s really hard to pare it down to the mere highlights. We did spy Ethan Hawke walking in Central Park with his kids and not-Uma…we were serenaded by a group of 4 Columbia University swimteam boys in Speedos…we hit the Be Creative event hosted by Country Home (thanks to Jes for scooping this fun event for us!), where we met Nicky Epstein and I got a little starstruck when I spied Danny Seo in the VIP dining area…Hope snapped a great pic for me with him! He was nice as can be. I’m having issues seeing pics in Flickr the last few days (is anyone else?!), so here’s the pic Hope took:

 Hee! I think the other gals have a much better round-up, so you should pay a visit! It took me forever to post this because I’ve been playing catch-up with Walrus stuff since I’ve been back. It’s good to be busy, but it sure makes me a bad blogger.

* * *

Happy Anniversary to my Darling Monkey!

It was three years ago today that my amazing life as Mrs. Monkey began. I can still recall the magical day. It was warm for autumn in Chicago standards, I was excited beyond words for the ceremony to begin, and I was a mix of joyful jitters and tears as I walked down the aisle to my beautiful, smiling Monkey. We were surrounded by our wonderful family and friends. We had such an amazing day…it was just the kickoff to an extraordinary journey together. The past three years have just flown by, punctuated by so many ups that the small downs have been worth every single second. I know I am so blessed to have my very best friend as my husband. I can honestly say that I have loved every moment of my life as his Mrs, and I can’t wait to see what new adventures we’re yet to embark upon together.

I love you, Monkey!

* * *

Monkey was such a good sneaky husband and surprised me by taking the day off today. It was such a treat to just hang out and do chilled, fall-appreciating things together. Oh, the joy of sox!