Big Props for Swaps
And Other Fab Snail Mail!

This post is going to be a big one since I’ve loved you and left you for so long. My time has not really been my own over the last few weeks. Work has been busy at The Walrus (it’s a wonderful, but crazy-busy time lately!), and we’ve tucked in a few days of hanging out with good folks here and there, so time, it’s just been fleeting. I still have many blogs to catch up on reading (thank goodness for Bloglines; I don’t know how I’d keep up with all you fabbies without it–which reminds me, some of my fave bloggers don’t use an RSS feed in your publishing system…it’d be so dandy if you did!)…so don’t think me a bad blogworld person. Just a slow one!

Ok, onto the goodies and props to fabulous snail mailers of the world!


  • A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the most delightful Misty. She is an artist of such an amazing caliber. I swoon over her work. Imagine my joy when she offered up a swap. She spoiled me rotten (it was like Christmas morning x3) with all her crafty treats! And I am loving the mix of tunes she put together. It’s fun and funky and causes little sparks of creative urges to come up. I am still collecting and compiling bits and bobs to make a worthy return package…


  • The Swaps at the SwapMeet have yielded some fun goodies:


My Snack Swap has been outstanding (thanks, Anthony (no URL)!), and I got 2 of the 3 postcards I was supposed to get from the Postcard Swap: a handcrafted postcard from Ai-Lin and a new postcard from Jessica (sadly, I did not ever receive the vintage postcard). This is the package I recently sent off to Francesca (does anyone read/understand what this page says?) in Italy for the snack swap. I hope I catch a break and get a US recipient next time; it cost me $23 to just send this box!

  • A few weeks back, Paula proposed a CD swap. I sent her these (1,2,3,4), and she sent me these (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) . I love them!


Inside the batty bag: a fab pair of striped socks and a cool little candle!

And I sent this stash off to Terri, who I’ve come to learn is getting married Halloween weekend (woot!). I am so flattered and honored that part of my Halloween mix to her made it onto her wedding favor CD’s!

  • I’ve had a lot going on, so if you know I got a swap from you and it’s not here, do let me know. I have been known to be a bit loopy with too much going on…

Other Snail Mail!

Outside of swaps, I’ve also gotten some great snail mail from all over blogland. Yay!


  • JustJenn sent me a yummy stash of Halloween treats! Thanks, Jenn!

  • Steph at Turabian Girl sent me some fun handcrafted notecards and this outstanding book of Gnome Christmas Crafts. Swoooon! Thanks, thanks, Steph!

  • Lizzie sent Monkey and me a great set of personalized luggage tags she made from one of our wedding pics. She is such a sweetie pie. Thanks, Lizzie! Love you!


Fabulous Fall

This past weekend was spent in fabulous fall weather in Alabama, where much of the weekend was spent on soccer pitches. Charlie and Wills (Monkey’s 2 nephews) kicked royal butt all weekend long (it was regional semi finals and finals). They are champs.  Really exciting matches!

Anyhoo, it was nice and chilly. Like wear-2-heavy-sweaters-and-a-down-throw-and-still-shiver-chilly. Socks are out in full-force. We’ve been making lots of autumnal meals (I love coming in from the chilly outdoors to a warm house redolent with the scents of yummy comfort food). Tonight, it’s chili (yum!). Last week, my favorite meal was this. It smells just like a sweet, smoky autumn evening to me. It was even better on reruns for lunch! I highly recommend it. I upped the apples ratio and halved the sausage ratio and it was about right for us.

Yum fall! I am very much looking forward to fall in the UK shortly. It will be the first time I get to partake of Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night. I LOVE a good bonfire! 

I will try to squeeze a few more posts in this week, as I’ve been tagged by a few of you fun ladies to do some fun memes….back soon!