Halloween and Christmas and Memes, Oh My!

First off, Happy Halloween, y’all. I don’t think there’s any trick-or-treating to be done on our apartment complex tonight, but it’s just as well, since Monkey and I will be en route to Charlotte. I’m looking forward to when we’re in a house of our own again next year and can deck out the place big time for the trick-or-treaters!

Secondly, I know it’s only Halloween today, but I think as a shopgirl I’ve come to learn the pressures of marketing for the seasons to come. Didn’t it always bug you way back when you hit the stores around Halloween to find that Christmas goodies were already infiltrating the shelves? I know! Me too.

But now I’m singing a different tune. Because I get it, the need to plan for the upcoming winter holiday season early. Plus, there are lots of great proactive shoppers out there (yay, you!) who want to get a leg-up on their holiday shopping (I get that too. Time is an incredibly fleeting resource for so many of us (me included, most definitely), esp. if you’re also a mom with activity-laden kids and jobs and social obligations and so on and so forth….getting tasks checked off early is one of the best gifts you can give yourself). Anyway, that was a lot of hoo-hah to basically let you all in on the new holiday cards I’ve got going over at The Walrus & The Carpenter. Swing by, won’t you? I’m taking the laptop with me to the UK, so on some of the quieter nights (we’ll be in Wales for most of our visit this time), I’ll be working on some more designs. I love the winter holiday season!

Finally, I’ve been tagged to do some fabulous memes…I hope I’m getting them all in here:

Memento Around the World ~Alright, this is not technically a meme, but it kind of is. Marie of Girlfactor shared this very cool project to pass on a disposable camera and take snaps of where you live in the world. Although Lori was great and got this to me weeks and weeks ago, I finally got my ass out there and took 3 pics of my town. So! I need to pass this torch on. Who is game? I am making a post office run this morning, so if you can comment and then email me (link to email is in upper left corner of this blog page) with your mailing info quicklike, I can get this camera back into motion today. Basically, you will need to take 2-3 snaps and send onward again. Please no spoilsports or menaces! This is a fun project that should keep going until it’s completed. When it fills up, the camera should then be sent back to Junnie. 

20 things
Misty, Janee, and Kathy all tagged me to do this one. I’ve only been up for a few hours, so I hope the brain works out ok…

  1. I am the older of two girls.ยน

  2. I can be wordy.

  3. I was an Arts & Letters School grad.

  4. I double-majored in American Studies (lit & history concentration) and Computer Applications.

  5. I did take a lot of great art electives, though.

  6. I worked in the corporate world as a business analyst and systems/software tester. Blah.

  7. Now I try to make a living as a crafter and aspire to be an artist.

  8. My husband is Welsh/English/Japanese.

  9. I am kind of an Anglophile.

  10. I am a night owl (much to the chagrin of my early-bird husband).

  11. I get fits of energy and inspiration often around 11.15pm.

  12. I like apples.

  13. I don’t like when things get sticky.

  14. I like to have handi-wipes around for when things get sticky.

  15. I love my family.

  16. I wished we all lived closer together.

  17. I like to cook and entertain.

  18. I love redecorating the house every now and again.

  19. I daydream sometimes about the most boring, realistic things.

  20. I’m easily distracted.

I would like anyone who wants to play 20 things to go ahead and leave me a comment that you’re playing along!

Yvett tagged me for this fun one.

7 things to do before I die

  1. have children and raise them well

  2. travel the world (and especially visit Vietnam)

  3. write a book

  4. be wildly successful at making a living doing something I love

  5. make a good impact on the environment

  6. get my huge extended families together for a mega-reunion

  7. earn a post-grad degree

7 things I cannot do

  1. cook good Vietnamese food

  2. not get distracted

  3. talk on the phone and have another parallel conversation with someone in the room 

  4. throw things away (we recycle like crazy)

  5. downhill ski

  6. go on rollercoasters

  7. keep my creative areas (craft room, hijacked dining table) neat (they get messy as soon as I start a project)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

  1. eyes

  2. hands

  3. sense of humor

  4. compassion

  5. intelligence

  6. creativity

  7. cuddle-ability

7 things I say most often

  1. nuts!

  2. fun!

  3. motherf***er!

  4. turkey!

  5. oh my gosh.

  6. hmmm.

  7. say again?

7 Celebrity crushes

  1. Cillian Murphy

  2. Justin Theroux

  3. Evan Farmer

  4. Christian Bale

  5. Brandon Flowers

  6. (I can’t think of anymore.

  7. I’m fickle.)

7 people I want to do this








ยนLizzie’s my younger sister and one of my best friends ever. When we were kids, I tormented her, as older sisters are wont to do. I am lucky she’s forgiven (though not forgotten) the things I did to her. Sorry, Lizzie. I love you!