Look! Another Gnome post! Alack, is the universe turned upon its head? What other wonders will ensue?

The title of this post came today from Heather of Mermaid Mama’s Blog. Because I have come to meet a world of wonderful folks I’d never have met without the internet. Thank you, Internets. Thanks to all you great blogworld friends! You make my world a better one, for certain! HUGS!


I got this email from Lizzie today asking for help for her friend Jess in a Battle of the Brides hosted by The Mix back in Chicago. If you don’t happen to know any of the other brides in the running, won’t you be a dear and vote for Lizzie’s friend Jess?

Eric & Kathy are giving away some great prizes as part of the MIX Wedding Planner “Battle of the Brides II”

You’ll have all weekend to cast your vote as to what 3 brides should compete. On Monday (2/13) Eric & Kathy will announce the three finalists! Then the fun starts?each day, Wednesday through Friday the 3 qualifiers will compete for daily prizes all in a quest for our grand prize wedding at The Chicago City Centre valued at $10,000.

It’s the Battle of the Brides!





We’ll keep you posted with the results. Wouldn’t it be fun to know you helped secure Jess a spot in these wacky games and a chance to win a great prize package for her wedding? FUN!


House talk today:

We’re getting granite countertops. Ubatuba was offered up by the builder in the allowance, but I really like super dark countertops like this or this. Both upgraded prices. Boo. But the ubatuba wouldn’t look as good with the glass tile backsplash we’re paying to get put in. Here are the color contenders:

foam, haze, leaf, mint, mist

My top 2 picks are 1. haze and 2. foam. I ordered the entire pallette of available samples so we could see them in person. I really love glass tiles!

Hope you have a great weekend! Winter Games start today! Yay! Enjoy and remember to take a moment for yourself to just be!