Sorry for the lacks of peep yet again, but hey, this time, it was an abbreviated period of quiet, yes? Yes!


Monkey and I have been deep into making the final decisions on the new house. It’s an amazingly absorbing activity. Fun, overwhelming, expensive, time-consuming…Even when we don’t have to, we cruise through the local HD and Lowe’s (oh, do I miss Menard’s–having the home improvement trinity would rock right about now) to work on our options…though our builder had given us great options for suppliers who work directly with him, there are just some things you want that you don’t find right off the bat in the supplier showrooms…so we peruse and we peruse and we peruse the home improvement centers for ideas, inspiration, cheaper yet more stylish options…


It’s all becoming tangibly real, though! For about a month and a half since we put in the purchase contract, the house sat in its as-is-built-shell state, waiting, waiting with bated breath for a touch of home (i.e., the various bits and bobs we’d been dispatched to go and pick out). Monkey and I are house-stalkers. Like championship-level house stalkers. You know this, right? It’s our hobby and it sure would be great if we were somehow able to make it our professional thing to make a livelihood from this OCD of ours.


Anyway, when you actually have a purchase contract in and lots of your own out-of-pocket $$ already in the deal, the house-stalking intensifies, accompanied by thoughts of “this is our baby,” and you’re pleased to see the baby grow with the days.


Last weekend we stopped by for our weekly stalk (and to walk Casey in the state park, which is quite literally in our backyard!) and were so pleased to see so much had changed: the dining room was painted (oh my, is the Bathe Blue glorious and cheerful and perfect!), the front door painted, the kitchen cabinets in…I’m delivering the final things we’re buying ourselves this coming Monday! My builder has been cool and is allowing me to go in this weekend to paint the powder room (I like the color they’re using throughout the house, but I love having different colors in different rooms (that’s part of the fun of owning your own house, right?). Paying $300-$600 per room for different colors seemed to me a bit extravagant, so I asked if I could paint myself before the fixtures go in—so much easier to paint before the sink and toilet are in, right?). I think this will be the perfect spot to use that Seaglass color!!


Hee! Exciting!


What’s been hard, and what I would like to gather is inspiration and words of advice from you all: how did/do you develop and grow your home’s style? Do you combine styles?


With the house in Chicago, I had gone way girly-cottage (with a bit of this and that for eclectic’s sake—because I don’t like overly thematic decor). It was a cottage, and I had bought and decorated it before I’d even met Monkey. So it was all mine and perfectly fine to be girly-girly. I loved it!


Monkey, on the other hand, loves mid-century modern and art deco. He likes contemporary and sleek finishes. Very masculine colors and lines, mostly. But he too loves a few eclectic touches. We both like a little quirk, a little whimsy.


I actually have come around to his way of thinking. I do like the simpler lines (love 50s couches, chairs), but I still love cottage with a few eclectic touches (the occasional import, the occasional antique or flea market find, etc…).


This house is funded by both of us (me with my equity from the cottage, Monkey with being the main breadwinner these days), and I feel it should really reflect what we both feel is home. I’d hate for someone to come visit and say, oh, this looks like Giao’s house…I’d rather they thought it looks like Monkey’s and Giao’s house, you know? How do you effectively work in things you like when you (we) don’t even know what our collective style is?


This surely is not a world issue of any real importance, but it is one that comes up time and again when different folks try to make home together. I know this is true because of shows like this or this


Some examples of where I’m unsure to go:

Breakfast nook:

We both like this:


but, I also like this , which would look super with this  or  this.

(Dining 1 pic from CB2. I don’t remember where the chandelier photo is from, but isn’t it fun? Dining 2 pic from Pottery Barn; I think Dining 3 pic is from BHG?)


Around the pool:

I like so many different things! Adirondack, imported wood/spa pieces, and the occasional clean lined bit. Oy!

 or or  or  or  or


I could go on and on (but I won’t!) Is there a way to fit our various eclectic tastes without creating a jumbled, cobbled together look of odds and ends?


Any thoughts?


In Other News…


The Corners of My Home: I came across this great Flickr group a few weeks back but only recently snapped a few pics to contribute to Corners of My Home. I think I read somewhere that Thursday is the day to participate (am I wrong?)? I am such a house voyeur (I love walking Casey after dusk, because you can peek into warm, lit windows and check out folks’ décor!).


Goodies: I received this marvelous birthday gift from Ms. Fabulous Hope last week. I love wind chimes, and I love this one Hope sent me. It will be perfect for near the pool (when you coming for a swim, Hope!?). She also sent me a packet of her gorgeous new notecards. Everything was wrapped so wonderfully (I’m saving the paper for a craft project or two) in a fab little suitcase with one of the neatest gift tags (which has already been relegated to my inspiration bulle board).


I also received this wonder stash from the ever-inventive and creative Cassi of Bella Dia for Gifty, Round 3. Who’s a smitten kitten? Me! Check out the yums, the craftlicious goodies, the pretties!



Thanks to both of you wonderful gals!


A goodie for doggies and the owners who love them:

Yesterday, I picked up a Dispense-A-Treat ball similar to this for Casey. It took her a few tries to connect nudging the ball around to dispensing treats, but it didn’t take long. She really loves pushing the ball around and rewarding herself with tiny little Charlee Bear treats (her personal favorite, outside of real meat and dead, stinky animals she may find in the forest along a walk). It is so cute to hear her nudging the ball around for the Charlee Bears. If you have a dog who may get easily bored (and in trouble, like knocking over garbage cans or thieving things from countertops) when you’re not home, this might be a good toy to try out. I got ours, a product of Denmark, for $6.50 at the MulletMart. And we usually keep Charlee Bears on hand because they’re all-natural, affordable, well-loved, and less than 3 calories per treat…we get ours at Petco.


Happily Handmade Giveaway: Pssst! This is the fourth time we at The Walrus & The Carpenter are participating in the Happily Handmade Giveaway. A new round is going on now! Go over and enter! The prizes are FABULOUS. You can enter through March 27, but why wait? So many great shops to visit and see (and enter the contest!). Good luck!


*          *          *


Ok, so this period of non-peep left me burbling over with more thoughts than I knew I had, and I’ve now penned you a novel that should keep you well occupied with reading through the next several days till my next post….I hope you all have a great weekend! We’ll be buying our final home fixture goodies, having dinner 2 nights with 2 different pals of Monkey’s from work, and painting (and stalking!) the house some more. Also, I’m regressing and bought a load of books from Amazon that I had enjoyed as a kid and am enjoying again. I love the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.