And that is what I’m sticking with for why I haven’t posted for a month. But it’s about time I changed my lazy-arsed ways. Because we closed on the new house a month and day ago. Because the sweet Kathleen and the sweet Anne have both tagged me to do a fun new meme. Because I’m trying to be a good blogger again…Here we go (and be forewarned, the ADD still has me in its eager little clutches…and this is a pic-heavy post to curry favor with those blog readers who may’ve been put off by my long absence…ahem!)!


Five minutes to yourself: Snuggling pooches whilst reading. I’m on a big kick of late to reread the books I loved as a kid. I’m currently re-loving Ramona the Pest.

Five bucks to spend right now: how would you spend it? Real Simple magazine (wait, when I buy it off the newsstand, I think I might need more than $5? I don’t know…I close my eyes to the cost when I do let myself buy an issue).

Five items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn’t thought of already: several spare bookcases, all those extra undies I save for when Aunt Flo visits, piles of paperbacks, CD’s, crazy pile of cardboard boxes.

Five items you absolutely, positively could not part with in your house: laptop, printer, photos, camera, (people and pooches are not items, but obviously, I’d never part with them!)

Five words you love: scuppernong, punctilious, crunch, pfeffernusse, tingle

Five folks I’m tagging: I hope I still have any readers! I’m tagging and hoping you all will play along: Frecklegirl, Adrienne, Anne Marie, Stephanie, and Stef.


The Move

So, we closed on St. Patty’s day, just a bit over a month ago. It was exhilarating, it was exciting…it was exhausting. Thanks to the graces of the cosmos, Monkey and I were blessed with fabulous siblings. Fab.u.lous.


{this sweeet doormat was part of a bundle of fabulous housewarming gifts my favorite little sister brought on her visit a few weeks back. it now sits outside my craft room door.}

Monkey’s sis, Jane, and her family came and totally rallied us up to move all the big and most of the little things we had to move. They were by far one of the best moving companies around. And they worked for nothing. And on the kids’ spring break! Nuts! Seriously, they were priceless in getting Monkey and me motivated to get things done and quickly, they helped us unpack and settle in a bit, and they brought the crucial element of family, which I think is the topmost important factor in making any place you lay your head feel of home.

{here’s a shot of us having our first dinner in the new house. they totally made it feel like a HOME.}

And then the week after, my super duper sweet Lizzie came to help us settle in some more. She is so organized and with it. I wonder why I didn’t get half the sense she has? She helped us completely polish off the rest of the fiddly bits that needed to be moved (there were a lot, because I’m a packrat and swaps-addicted…and I own a RIDICULOUS amount of crafting bits and bobs), she scrubbed and vacuumed, she organized, she cooked, she inspired lots of fun impromptu shopping trips for curtains and linens and things of that ilk. She helped make the house feel like home even further (it was really a bit too quiet for the few days that I was kicking around the house on my own in between Monkey’s sis/family’s visit and Lizzie’s arrival). I’m totally campaigning for her to move down the street from us. I miss her!

{here we are beaming and shining on after a yummy Thai meal. move to SC, Lizzie!}

While Lizzie was here, we also visited Folly Beach (where dogs are still welcome until summer season opens) and ate outside in our screened porch daily. And all that shopping! Come back, Lizzie, come back!

{Casey and Monkey dipping into the Atlantic}


Playing House!

Ok, here are a few shots of some of the parts of the new house. There is still furniture to be bought. More organizing and settling in to be done…


{corridor to the dining room, which i am so glad we chose Bathe Blue for! new sofa in the great room}


{the screened porch overlooking our pool. it is still in need of pooldecking, so it’s very sandy with deck frames laid out but unfilled. Our pool company has been slow. Monkey took his first dip this weekend to clean the pool of its detritus.}


{casey relaxing in the sun on the deck after a swim. she was the first one in the pool. she leapt into the deep end and proceeded to freak the f out. lizzie and monkey cooking.} 


Goodies Galore!

We’ve had the great fortune to receive many goodies over the last few weeks!


{Lizzie painted me this pool-esque plate. I love it! And Amy & Ron gave me this fab tea pot and rooibos tea sampler as a housewarming gift.}


{Amy & Ron gave Monkey an Antworks thingie and a blue light for his faucet. They gave Casey a couple adorable Shabby Chic dog toys. Aren’t they the living end?!}


{Second String swap goodies. Pic on left is of all the fabulousness from down under courtesy of the fabulous Shell, and pic on the right is of goodies I sent to Karen.  Details here.}


{Flickr April Coloriffic Swaporama goodies. Sonia sent me the goodies on the left and middle (recognize the mary janes she painted on a tank top for me?), and I sent the goodies on the right to Teresa}

{this stash of crafty deliciousness came from Hanna. She sent it in exchange for a cutie birdhouse.}


{these goodies come from my ever delightful socal gals, Leslie (sweet argyle notebook, pic frame, notepads on the left) and Jenn (yummy cutie Easter cookies on the right)}


{Lest you wonder if we obtained a new addition to the Williams household, as pictured above and as an enticement at the top of this post, I shall say this. We’ve had the absolute joy of dogsitting this sweet little girl for a long weekend. Her sister tagged along with her folks to Chicago, but Zoe got to stay with us and warm my lap. So cute!}