creature from the deep

this creature from the deep was found in the sandy trail behind our house. looks like a crawfish, but is actually a pine cone!

Goodness! I really think I may have been infected with Rip Van Winkle Syndrome, or somesuch, because, for the life of me, I really cannot fathom how the month of May quietly slipped away all stealth-like.

I thought it was high time I did chime in, though, since my folks will be visiting for a full week  in only a few days’ time (I am so excited I can barely think straight. ADD at new heights these days, folks), and no online time happens when they’re here (lots of cooking, eating of ridiculously fabulous food, crafting, DIY-ing, shopping, touring of the city’s fun spots, and probably some lounging about will happen…but online time…likely no).

How’s about a quick round-up?

june coloriffic swap-o-rama sent black, white, & turquoise

my most recent coloriffic swaporama goodies to go out. the theme this month was black + white + _____; my swappee likes turquoise. I hope she likes the package!

APL Creations Fairy Tales and Fables ATC swap mailart

Amy of APL Creations’ ingenuity hosted a fabulous ATC & mailart swap. The theme was Fairy Tales and Fables. My ATC’s are fairly simple watercolor and ink numbers, and the envelope was fashioned from scrapbook paper and a printout of a vintage copse of trees. 

probably the final curtain fabric decision fabric contender for new dining room drapes old dining room curtains

Um, I have a hard time being decisive. I’ve bought so much fabric from this delight of a shop (I am thrilled to bits they are just down the road from the house) that they know me by name and projects.They have so many yummy fabrics! Anyway, the first pic, the one with the brown background and ivory & blue vines and birds are going to be our dining room drapes. They garnered the most votes and enthusiasm as a choice.

gift from Amy G!

Look at this sweet gift from Amy. They’re goodies by Heather Simpson-Bluhm. Amy gives me beautiful stuff all the time. Just because!! Can you imagine how spoiled I feel? I love that I’ve been so lucky to find such a wonderful friend in this amazing lady right here in Columbia!

new living room furniture new living room furniture

So, over Memorial Day weekend, Monkey and I bought a big stash of new furniture. The seafoam couch, we’ve had for a while (one of our first new furniture pieces when we moved in–Stephlys, we got that one at Sofa Express).But Monkey has forever been smitten with handsome red leather couches, all Frenchy-salon-like. And we came across this lovely number at Strobler (a local indie furniture shop) and wound up buying it along with the pair of modly leather wing chairs. Now, to make that seafoam work with the rest of those pieces (I’ve started by putting a lovely chunky-knit deep red throw Lizzie gifted me on it)….

Monkey, Lizzie, and me, Memorial Day weekend 2006 Lizzie & me with the boys in a float Brutus sunning on the deck after a dip, Memorial weekend 2006

Also! Over Memorial Day weekend, my little sister paid me the biggest, most wonderful surprise ever! A by-the-seat-of-her-pants roadtrip with her buddies to come and visit little ol’ me! I was just thrilled to bits. Thrilled! My little heart was overflowing with joy, wonder, suprise, happiness, happiness, happiness. I have the best little sister in the world. Her boys, Brutus and George, were a treat too (love my nephews!) and both partook of the pool with Casey. So cute!

Through the Looking Glass - May Liquid Sky Arts CD Swap: My MixMay Liquid Sky Arts CD Swap: received from Kristen May Liquid Sky Arts CD Swap: received from ChristinaMay Liquid Sky Arts CD Swap: received from Kathleen  Liquid Sky Arts CD swap: from Leslie

Last month, Kathleen hosted a fantastic CD mix swap. I love these kinds of swaps for all the great music you get to learn, collect, enjoy! The first pic is of my mix, the second is from Kristen of Mood Swing Studios, the third is from Christina of Christina Hankins Paint, the fourth pic is of Kathleen‘s lovely mix (plus a bonus magazine with an article on Danny Seo’s home), and the last pic is of Leslie’s of The Paper Princess (plus bonus cute-ass erasers!).

I’m excited to next participate in the Pink Sky Productions collaborative CD project, which is hosted by Under a Pink Sky, and which I learned about via Kathleen (that gal knows how to hook us up with good music!).

kitchen backsplash jasmine and climbing roses along back fencepool with completed deck, landscaping in place

What else! The house is practically done. We finally got the backsplash tile installed (no, we did not DIY, because Monkey was convinced we’d screw it up…even the pro tiler had a lot of difficulties, so I guess it’s just as well we didn’t) in the kitchen, got our lawn (yay, no more sand EVERYWHERE!) and landscaping in, and our pool is done done done. Now to tie everything together so they feel all homey. We love our house, but there’s a lot of decorating and making it feel like home to do now (the FUN part!).

I hope that you all are enjoying your June so far. I will aim to be a better blogger and less of a flake and check in once my folks have left…I generally update my Flickr a little more often than the blog these  days, so you may find newsy bits there! I am making my rounds to visit you all shortly!! Happy Wednesday!