Hello, hello! It’s not too far from being July already. Nuts! I had a blast having my folks here. They are super cute and love to mobilize and get stuff done. Much like Lizzie. Like I said before, I don’t know how that trait skipped me. But somehow it did. Anyhoo, much good food was consumed (my mom is the best cook ever, and I am totally not biased about this!), lots of home reorganizing and decorating occurred, and dad also rewired a lot of stuff for us so we could be super cool cats with dimmers and motion sensors out the wazoo. Plus, our big playroom (aka, “Daveland”) got all neatened and super effectively laid out by Dad. The week went by entirely too quickly, but I was glad to have been able to spend Father’s Day weekend with my folks (and I was so sad when they left…Monkey and Iwatched The Family Stone¹ the evening after they went home and I wound up bawling my eyes out!!).

Ok, how about more pics? Less cumbersome than reading, right?


{dining nook curtains, dining room curtains. Mom made curtains for 4 rooms in our house. She’s such a creative, do-it-all saint!}


{bedroom curtains, made by Mom. our new bed with new bedding, not made by Mom; though she did help me make the bed with the new bedding .}


{good eats. banh cuon, xoi with lap xuong (chinese sausage) and dried shrimp, and basic noodle soup. lots more good food made and consumed, but somehow I got remiss and just ate rather than took photos. bad gnome.}


{goodies received in the mail: my buddy Kramer sent Monkey and me a great tower of treats for housewarming (so yum!!), and I got the goodies on the right from LindaNeto in the June Coloriffic Swaporama.}

I still need to snap all the great handiwork my Dad did. He’s such a cutie. Always tinkering. Totally made our garage all neat and capable of containing 2 vehicles. Set up the surround sound and overall theater experience of Daveland.

I feel bad that they spent their vacation doing things for us, but that is what they like to do on vacations. Me, their first apple, has fallen far, far from the tree. I like to lounge about and do not a whit on vacation. I miss them much and wish they’d move here too. That way, they wouldn’t feel the need to do anything but come and visit!


Two great contests!

Two of my great blogworld-cum-realworld creative pals have some great contests happening this week! Do pay a visit for a chance to win some FABULOUSNESS:

  • Leslie  is hosting a fun raffle to introduce more new cards and a new subscription program. Anyone who knows The Paper Princess knows the goodies are without compare in cuteness, hoardability, and adoration. Plus, there’s a 25% off coupon code for your next order! Woooot!

  • We at the Walrus took off the month of June. For all the eating and hanging out with family and such, of course. Hope to come back in July with new goodies for you too!


¹I love Christmas-based movies. I loved this kooky family. It reminded me a bit of my kooky family. Lots of great laugh-out loud moments too…way better than the trailers would’ve prepared you to expect.