Schmoo Angels: Pepe 1992-2006

This morning, my parents’ immensely lovable terrier mix, Pepe, was still lingering on this earth. By afternoon, he was en route to doggie heaven. I hope his flight attendants give him lots of cuddles, belly rubs, and all the treats he can even hope to eat.

We were lucky to have Pepe Schmoo for 14 years. He came to us as a wee little pup, not quite weaned (but his mother had passed away after birthing her pups and the owners needed help with the pups, so we helped him along as best we could). We fed him, in his first weeks with us, from a bottle. He was such an enthusiastic eater that his tiny belly would balloon up, and off he’d waddle, stuffed and content. The cutest little blond stuffed sausage on legs. 

He looked like the tiniest little blond lab. We had no idea what kind of pooch he’d be, but we were smitten all the same. My dad often would carry Schmoo along with him on errands to the supermarket or local hardware store inside his deerstalker cap. Everyone would coo and just be beside themselves with how adorable this little pup with the big, loving brown eyes was.

Pepe turned out to be the ideal dog. A little shaggier and shorter than we’d expected, but with a personality at least 20 times taller than we could even imagine. He grew surfer hair, complete with natural, if unruly, white-blond highlights. Lizzie and I (being home from school for the summer) housetrained Schmoo in less than 2 weeks. He was so bright and so eager to please. And such a looker to boot.

In his grown-up years, our Schmoo was treated every spring to a good shaving. It was fabulous. He looked like a tiny spring lamb, and he bounced with every step, glad to be free of his long, hot hair. In fact, he was just growing out his spring cut this year when his little body decided it was time to go, on a high (hair) note.

He was a snuggler. A champion-grade snuggler. If you looked like you might be headed to sit or lie down, Pepe would run off to be by your side or on your lap the instant you plopped down. He loved to sleep in the crook of your bent knees. He would always be so excited when it was bedtime. He got even more excited when we were away at school for weeks and would return for a visit and, quite possibly, a nap. His favorite snugglers had returned! And to nap! With him!

Pepe was a singer. He loved to croon along with you if happened to sing a few notes just right off-key. If you were lucky, he might even get onto his hind legs and do a little spin for you. He loved even more to be dressed up in costumes and clothes. Anything for a little extra admiration!

Pepe was a runner. He loved to play fetch. He loved even more to play tug-of-war. New toys would always make his soft brown eyes brighten up. He’d always playfully grunt and growl and even bark at play with his new toys. You knew he was a happy pooch. He simply loved being loved.

And love him we did. We do. Walks in the park always drew out people of all sorts who wanted to stroke him. And he loved it. Loved kids, loved other dogs, loved cats, even. And they all seemed to love him too. But he was always intensely loyal to us, his people. We were so lucky to have been given his brand of snuggly, protective, warm Schmoo Bear love.

I’m sad that he had to leave us yesterday. That my dad had to help usher him onto his trip to Doggie Heaven via the vet’s office. But he had been extremely ill for the last several days, and it just couldn’t be dragged on any longer. None of us wanted him to suffer. I’m sad that I wasn’t there to be with my dad and Schmoo, but I know that my dad is glad to have had the extra time to spend with Schmoo both before and after he left that sweet little furry shell to sprout new wings and be off to his new fields of frolic. We’ll miss you Pepe Schmoo. We’ll miss you forever.



So sorry for the sad post. It was important for me to get my thoughts down for Schmoo. He was such an integral part of our family.

But all is not doom and gloom. I have some news to share.

I was scared to share this, with the bad luck we had twice last year…


We are half-baked! I’m now in week 21 with a bun in my oven! Part of the reason I’ve been such a slug for so long and not blogging (or doing much…first trimester had me sacked out all the time, exhausted and queasy). We were supposed to start the fertility clinic’s “Plan” to conceive when we learned, oops! we conceived on our own!

blooming belly: 20 weeks

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we pull through all the way with this bun. We want a fully-baked, fresh little bun. Feel free to toss a few good vibes and happy hopes our way. We’d be grateful and so appreciative! We could use all the happy vibes and support we can get.

We don’t know gender and are waiting to find out! I just love and am amazed by the morphing my body is going through to house this bun. Monkey got to feel Bump kicking for the first time this morning. It is such an amazing journey! I started prenatal yoga a couple weeks back. It’s been great!

Other randoms (also, I owe a TON of emails to friends…please forgive my very extreme tardiness in replies…I am thinking of you but just lacking on time lately…I’m trying to make up for the sluggishness of Trimester One and tying up loose ends all around the house; will be writing you back soon, promise!)…

my new favorite pillow in my life: morning veggies for grilling

{1. my new favorite pillow, since my belly’s getting heavier and the legs and hips are kind of crampy and I’m supposed to sleep on my left side…Mom made me this lovely pillow cover for the big, squishy, fabulous body pillow she scooped up for me. Monkey thinks we should name it Sidney, since it takes up about the space of a whole person in bed. 2. A snap for Leslie’s In My Life pool at Flickr. I am LOVING summer fruits (always have, but glad I’m getting cravings for them instead of stuff I shouldn’t eat (well, I get those too, but I try to stay on track with eating well)…3. I also crave veggies. Yay!}

in my life: afternoon ~ newly purchased crewelwork panel Lizzie, me, & Monkey

{1. Casey checking out a new crewelwork piece I scooped up for $20 at the local furniture consignment shop. It’s huge and fantastic. Monkey is not so smitten with it, but I love it! 2. Lizzie came to visit us over the 4th. I love my sister to bits. Here were are en route to drop her at the Charlotte airport. We stopped at Steak N Shake so she could meet up with her old boss/friend Stephanie, who just moved to Charlotte from Chicago.}

brown & aqua swap sent to Kim housewarming goodies from Jes, Hope, & Dawn  The great ATC's I received from the Fairy Tales & Fables swap

{Goodies of all sorts: 1.These are the goodies I sent to Kim (who hasn’t posted about the swap??) for the Brown & Aqua swap hosted by Heather. I still haven’t received my package from whoever, but oh well. Those are the breaks with swaps sometimes. You make out like a bandit or a beggar. 2.I made out like a bandit on these fab housewarming goodies from Jes, Hope, and Dawn! Aren’t they sublime? Antique glass stand, lovely pitcher, gardener’s cookbook, and a pendant from Jes! and 3.I also made out like a bandit in Amy’s Fairy Tales & Fables ATC swap! I was lucky enough to get one of Amy’s Bremen Town Musicians cards, Christina’s Open Sesame cards, a Snow White & The Seven Dwarves card from Jennifer Buckley (no URL), and an artvelope from Holly.}

frontyard buddy the organized FROG cleared garage

{1.Mr. Toad lives in our front yard somewhere. He is a cutie. We have a Mr. Toad living in a pool pipe in our backyard. I don’t believe they’re the same Mr. Toad. 2. &3. I promised to give proper props to my Dad for his organization skills. Our FROG and garage were major dumping grounds for moving boxes and such, and it was hard to even put a foot into either space. Dad magically tranformed each space into usable home space. He is such a rockstar.}

crepe myrtle butterfly bush my one and only hydrangea bloom

{Some random pics of our backyard. 1.Our crepe myrtle bush is doing very well. I love its red blossoms! 2.Our butterfly bushes are doing great too! They’ve grown so many more pretty blooms since this picture was taken. 3.Our hydrangea bush seems to want to produce lovely blue flowers, which I love! BUT, out of the 4 bushes, only 1 bush had a blossom to offer, and at that, only one blossom. What can we do to help them out? We’re in zone 8 and the soil is sandy…}

Ok, enough blather for now. Hope you’re nejoying summer so far. I’ll be back to my regular grind soon…