Goodness, it really is ridiculous how much time passes between posts around here. I am trying to get back on blogging track, but I am easily distracted…and I have pregnancy brain…and my organizational skills (which were tip-top, back in the day, I’ll tell you–I am a Capricorn, after all) have been less than stellar. Far less than stellar. Like subterrestrial.

First, I wanted to thank all of you for your very kind, warm comments and emails regarding Bump. We are overjoyed, as you can well imagine. It’s been such an amazing ride so far, and the good outweighs the icks by leaps and bounds. Big THANKS and yay!!

Want a belly shot? We still have to take this week’s (week 25) pic, but for now, here’s a snap of week 24:

belly shot, 24 weeks

Belly has been growing. I “popped” about the middle of week 22 and finally look pregnant rather than just tubby around the middle. Huzzah! Baby has been doing all sorts of wondrous gymnastics and tumbles (and cutie hiccups) in the belly. When I first popped, all that extra size and movement brought the queasies back for a few days, but things seem to have settled into a nice, peaceful rhythm for now. All that drumming and tumbling is just a fantastic way Baby is talking to us right now. I love it! My appetite has not grown by amazing leaps and bounds, but I have already gained 18 pounds since pre-preggers weigh-in. They say you should gain between 25-35 pounds with your pregnancy. Yeep! I hope I don’t go too far past the weight recommendation. Because you know how much of a slug I’ve been since becoming pregnant! I am also retaining water big time in the hands and feet, so wedding rings are currently on hiatus (Monkey and I had to collaborate on a sitcom-like soap and water dance over my bathroom sink to free the rings yesterday. Youch.). I am buying a fun, cheap-ass ring to wear in the meantime (I liked a lot here, but am getting this one for now). Yay, cheap jewelry.

Oh, and I had the glucose screen last week. We happily passed with flying colors. I was expecting the absolute worst in terms of chugging down a sickly sweet syrupy drink in 5 minutes, but it wasn’t that bad (Hawaiian Punch flavor!), and the needles are kind of old hat to me now (I have to give myself daily shots of this, for just-in-case safekeeping of the pregnancy). Yay for passing each test well!

Monkey and I also started the registering process over the weekend, thanks to some encouragement from Lizzie. I guess we were being a tad too laid back for her taste, so we went. It was OVERWHELMING for me. We only got a quarter of the store covered (we were there for something like 3 hours) when I said we needed to leave the shop pronto…which means, unfortunately, that we’ll have to go back and do this again. It’s mind-boggling how much stuff you need with a new person. And that’s after I’ve read up on just getting the necessities (this, this, and this are good)! I’ve been getting wonderful advice from moms who’ve recently had little ones, so that has made a huge difference (thanks, Leslie, Michelle S, Stephanie B!).

What’s doing in non-babyworld….

  • I have been meaning forever to join in on Shannon’s Bloggy Parade of Homes (it’s a weekly thing on Fridays). I actually found Shannon’s blog because of the BPOH being linked to from another blog (I’m afraid I can’t remember which one), and we chatted a few times via email, where I learned Shannon is a former Columbian (she’s given me a great tip for barbcue good eats) and has 2 sweet puggies who look like the female counterparts of Lizzie’s 2 fellas. **I am going to try to entice you with multiple posts this week…I will aim to do a big catchup post so I can be all caught up for this Friday’s BPOH**.
  • Random find today: plates you can break and eat. They’re kind of pretty!
  • Met up with Lizzie while she and some old college friends came to Atlanta to attend another college roommate’s wedding celebration. Did not have time to hit the Ikea (booo), but did pitstop in Athens and promptly got all smitten with the place.

gnome & lizzie

  • Did end up making out like a bandit in the Aqua & Brown swap. Sandy sent me these fabulous goodies! Thanks so much, Sandy!! I loved all the vintage and girly bits and bobs!

 lovely turquoise and brown goodies

  • Monkey found more interesting wildlife in our pool. This time, it was a massive beetle. He was quite pretty (and not shy; he was making his way toward me as I took this photo)!

monkey & the beetle beetle from the pool

  • Edible goodness: I first tried Malt Loaf in Wales last fall (it was 2 for 88p at a rest area shop) and really loved it (great chewy texture, warm, slightly sweet flavor, raisins and sultanas and such, buttery topping). I got such a craving for it recently that Monkey ordered me 3 whole loaves (we also ordered a lot of stuff he’s been missing). The cookies, I baked for our neighbors (our next door neighbors totally rock and send over desserts and even dinner about 2-3 times a week…I needed to say thanks with something kind of homemade, and cookies are my strong suit…even if they came from frozen break-and-make packages!). The oil splot was on carryout from one of my fave Mediterranean spots here. Doesn’t it look like a pteradactyl perched atop a duck on skis??

mmmm, malt loaf!! labeled cookies pteradactyl on duck on skis


  • Some other goodies I’ve been collecting for the baby’s room. We’re not big on themes or overly sweet/precious nurseries, but I do like me some cute stuff. It all started with a few squirrels-in-park-tree and hot air balloon prints I’d bought from a street artist in NYC last fall, and now it’s come to include these great plates and a FAB bear from Jenn Docherty’s shop (I’m so glad I finally got one {this one is Theodore}–these little guys move so quickly!). These will all go on a higher picture ledge/narrow shelf out of reach of little people. (I’ve also got prints from here, here, cards from here)…

woodland plates for baby's room Theodore

  • I’ve recently scooped up some great fabrics (some for gifts—you people know who you are–I am LATE in getting gifts to you, but they’re coming, soon!) and Monkey brought home a lovely bunch of gladiolas just because they’re lovely (they actually looked almost black in person…the flash made them all purpley here).

new fabric stash purchasegladiolas    

  • A closing shot of Casey, being cute and sniffing around Monkey with the camera in the kitchen (her favorite room in the house).

casey in the kitchen

Ta-ta for now, will be posting more this week! Happy Monday, y’all!