Incidentally, Kitchen is the title of a book I loved in high school by Banana Yoshimoto…. I finally got my act in gear to play this week in the Bloggy Parade of Homes! This is our kitchen, very well-lived in already. I LOVE it! (I’m working on the catch-up rooms for a later post…this has been a nutty busy week!). Check out the other kitchens here!

kitchen kitchen

A couple overall shots of the kitchen. The first pic’s got a bit of the breakfast nook (which we still don’t have a proper table for…so the schlumpy loveseat remains there…on the right is our catchall cookbook bookcase…it collects a lot of our detritus when we walk on by it). Also, our barstools are too tall (they were bought when we were in the apartment, with its taller bar counter and all), but they kind of work, so they’re staying for now…

the kitchen: fridge and drinks counter kitchen oven

Our fridge, which is next to our drinks counter (mugs, coffee, teas, cocoas, and booze). Our oven, right in the center of the kitchen. Look at me being all Holly Hobby and baking fresh goodies for this photo (actually, I just made these for our neighbors: orange cinnamon sweet rolls).

kitchen sink breakfast nook

Our kitchen sink (I love the light we get all day long) and our schlumpy sofa in the breakfast nook (sorry it’s a bit dark, but there isn’t much more to the nook than the sofar right now…).

Happy weekend!!