Bloggy Parade of Homes: Bathrooms

This week’s Parade of Homes, hosted by Shannon, is of bathrooms. We are pretty lucky to have 3 different spots in our house where we can cop a squat and catch a read.

first floor powder room powder room walls

This is our first floor powder room. Monkey and I painted it just before the fixtures and fittings went in way back in March. I love this color! I think I ended up hanging all the artwork a bit too high…Oh well! Lots to keep our guests entertained while they do their business!

view into master bathroom from master bedroom master bathroom: monkey's vanity master bathroom: gnome's vanity

This is our master bathroom. The first pic is what you see when you come in from the master bedroom. A super-sized tub that we rarely use as a tub but serves quite well as a drying rack for Monkey’s workout clothes. Oh, the pile of clothes by the door is our laundry hamper. I need to do some washing this week, clearly! The other pics are of Monkey’s and my vanities. We do try to keep neat in *some* areas of our living spaces…

upstairs guest bath upstairs guest bath 

This is the guest bathroom upstairs. It will eventually be Bump’s bathroom, since the nursery is upstairs. For now, it’s pretty neutrally decorated. Meh.


Seven Secrets

Last week, Mipmup started up this fun meme. I’ll play; will you?

  1. your deadliest sin (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed or sloth)? In my younger days, it would’ve been anger. Lately, it’s sloth!
  2. tell us a secret.  I like bad, super sappy, cheesy-ass 80s pop. I’ve been on a trek to find Peter Cetera’s “Glory of Love” but am not having any luck (just want the song/MP3, not any whole album, not the video). You?
  3. why are you ashamed? I’m way more disorganized than is fit for living happily. I wasn’t always this way.
  4. what is your secret fantasy (keep it g-rated, ok?)? To be a published novelist.
  5. greatest guilty pleasure.  Crappy reality TV. My latest fix: Celebrity Duets. Jai totally fits in with my #2 above…
  6. secret behavior.  I can spend HOURS playing Tetris. HOURS. Also, I like to pick little scabs. I know, gross!
  7. to where would you escape? Quiet cottages on the sea, with my Monkey, naturally. I’m skipping this year’s UK trip, but Monkey will get to go soonish.


Baby Talk

bump: week 26

Belly & Bump are still happily growing! This is a pic of week 26. My innie has begun to morph into an outie.

I thought it might be useful to do a mini FAQ/Gnome Learnings/Questions for moms who’ve been there little section. Because there is so much to learn in being a first-time mom-to-be!

    • FAQ’s

      • what are you having? (aka, are you going to find out gender?)

        • We are aiming to have a human baby.  We are playing it old-school and hope to be surprised on birth day with who our little person is.

      • what do you get when you cross a monkey and a gnome?

        • We hope a healthy, happy, well-balanced baby with characteristics from both of us. This is part of the interesting union of different racial/gene pools. You never know exactly what characteristics your child will inherit, but it will be wonderful, all the same!

      • do you have names picked out yet?

        • No, not quite yet. It’s been harder than we thought it’d be to find names we both love. We hope to have some possible names by the time Baby arrives and that once we meet our little one, we’ll know which of our choices best fits him/her.

      • when is your due date?

        • Our official estimated due date is December 4 of this year.

      • are you excited?

        • YES! Indubitably yes. I can’t wait to meet our little person.

    • Gnome Learnings so far…

      • Maternity clothes are so not cute. The tops are big and tenty and make you look bigger while somewhat obscuring your bump. I’ve gone back to a lot of my non-maternity tees and tanks because they embrace the Bump (stretchy fabrics are your friends). Just going up a size from what I wear when not-pregnant has been adequate (you’ll need a bit of extra length to keep Belly from peek-a-booing). My pants, on the other hand, have been maternity since end of first trimester (there was no fitting into my normal pants/skirts at all unless they were way low-rise, and even then, it was challenging).

      • Maternity underwear….I have been in to be refitted for bras (upper backaches kicked in in trimester 2; I hear I should go again before Bump’s arrival), and I do have some maternity undies from Old Navy. I did find that a lot of my old underpant pre-pregancy standbys were still fine–the hipster and boy cut pants (anything that sits low on your hips, really) still mostly fit. I think moving up to the next size in non-maternity undies would work out fine. My most comfy undies (and still cute!) come from Gap and Old Navy.

      • Nausea of first trimester doesn’t always end at week 12. I was queasy (queasier after end of week 12) through week 16 and occasionally get a bout of nausea every now and again even now.

      • Dealing with nausea was sometimes quite manageable. I swear by crystallized ginger (a little piece under your tongue goes a long way). These ginger goods were also nice: ChewsGinGins, Chimes, Ginger Bears. I also loved very salty potato chips (Classic Lay’s), an occasional saladito, and lots and lots of fresh fruits (apricots were my friends in trimester 1). Drinking lots of water kept my mouth from feeling/tasting stale and icky and also helped keep me feeling well-ish overall.

      • Feeling big and unwieldy goes with the territory. I still keep active as much as I can with daily pooch walks down the forest trail and prenatal yoga classes. Good posture (which I don’t have, usually) is so important right now (your back, upper and lower) will thank you. I can only imagine the aches and pains I’d be feeling if I were my usual slouchy self…

      • Connecting with other expectant moms is great. I mentioned my prenatal yoga class–I’ve met such fantastic ladies in this class and can bounce questions off them every time we meet (“are you finding….is this happening to you…., ” etc). I kind of want to wave to every pregnant lady I see (I did do this at this past weekend’s Stitch N Bitch in town (organized by the fabu Allison)), but I don’t think every situation is quite right for that! I think, especially for first-time moms-to-be, it’s comforting to be able to compare notes and know you’re normal and developing just as you should be.

      • You may get a lot of crazy dreams. My dreams are always kind of wacky anyway, but I have been getting a lot of anxiety-during-labor dreams. And occasionally, you get these nutty sexual dreams that would render you a nocturnal emissioner if you were a prepubescent boy…The latter is way, way preferable to the former.

    • My Questions for other Moms in the Know

      • What do you do about the swelling? My hands and feet don’t look noticeably puffier, but they most certainly feel horrid, esp. in the morning. I could barely close my left hand into a fist when I first awoke (I dreamt all last night about some angel doula sitting on my shoulder, guiding me into a more effective sleep position, but I awoke with super achy hands).

      • When did you set up your nursery? We’re being a bit lax, but we need to do it eventually. My nesting instincts are starting to kick in already.

      • My memory loss issue of late is kicking in, and all the questions I had have now evaporated…if you have advice for a first-time mom-to-be, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks in advance!!



Monkey LOVE!

This is a little birthday wish for my beloved Monkey, who will be celebrating the day he came into the world tomorrow, September 2 (we’ll be visiting with his sister and rendezvous-ing in Atlanta). I am eternally grateful for the cosmos’ stars’ perfect alignment to create such a magnificent man and bring him to little old me. Gentle, goofy, considerate, sweet as can be, extraordinarily supportive, and such a handsome hubby…I am counting my lucky stars that we get to share our life’s adventures together.

Monkey & Gnome monkey & the beetle

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I love you!

Casey in Monkey's sleeping mask

(Casey is catching her beauty sleep). Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you have a restful and enjoyable Labor Day holiday!