Yep, I am back to my old tricks again. One post a month these days is a pretty good run, I guess?. I hit Trimester 3 a couple weeks back, and the old sluggishness is trying to wrangle me in its grips…But I have been trying to fight back with all the nesting and tying up of loose ends that came on the scene in Trimester 2. This whole pregnancy thing is a roller coaster ride, really (not one of those crazy, big, loop-de-loop coasters…more like the teeny-tiny-kiddie coasters you go on at the local state fair/carnivals…so, not too bad, all things considered). I do really hope that my old organized and time-appreciative self emerges once the hormones move out of the way.

So what’s been doing?

* My Favorite Sister Helped Feather Bump’s Nest *

My most favorite, best, incredibly sweet sister came to visit for a long weekend this past weekend. She is seriously such a rockstar. We shopped for baby essentials (like a crib, for Pete’s sake!), organizational and storage tools (it’s a sickness in my family–we LOVE storage baskets and organization bits and bobs; The Container Store brings us all to our knees). We washed loads of itsy-bitsy baby socks and onesies and blankets and anything that may come in contact with Bump’s skin.We cooked. We crafted. We ate. A lot.

Lizzie threw me a lovely little shower with my friends here in SC. It was a wonderful time, and so wonderful to have my best friend here by my side, going along on this adventure with me. I love my sister to bits. I miss you, Lizzie!!

Lizzie & the gnome sweet onesies from Mom & Dad 

Lizzie always looks great. Me, I am currently hoarding chins (please don’t report me to any chinless wonders; I don’t know how to give them back). The one shower pic where I don’t look bloated is here. Because I am a vain mommy-to-be. In real life, I am growing MAN HANDS, cankles, and waddling like a duck. And collecting extra chins. I do love that Bump is kicking and rolling like nobody’s business these days. That makes all the swelling and the carpal tunnel syndrome and achy joints worth the little world in my belly.

put together by Lizzie and Amy! swinger bouncer carrier from Lizzie

My parents got us a Pack N Play that will be where Bump sleeps in the early days on the first floor (nursery is on 2nd floor). Currently, the PnP lives in our room, but it has handy wheels for transporting to other parts of the house (and huzzah! it fits through our doors)! Lizzie got us a very swanky, very spendy swing-bouncy-carrier dealie (it’s like 3 pieces in one!). It’s very schmancy (to a gnome with no previous parenting experience, anyway).

Amy and Lizzie put these together last Friday night. I am so lucky to have these 2 fabulous women in my life. Seriously.

* A Different Nest of Mine Debuted This Week!*

I have been sitting on this little bit of news for a while. I am so excited to share with you that you can now send an e-card from Evite with an illustration by little old me on it! Check out the Thank You e-cards. Mine is called “Bird Nesting Thank You.” It may be another no-biggie for big-time illustrators out there, but it was such a fantastic bit of Big News in my world.


* I Fell Off-Track with the Bloggy Parade of Homes *

Because I’ve been so easily distracted and had so many other little tasks I wanted to get done…but I’ll be adding more pics eventually to the Flickr set I had for the Parade of Homes. I’m trying to document the house now, as it’s clean…everyone keeps telling me how crazy the house will be once we have Bump arrive (knowing me, I totally believe that is irrefutably true).

Here’s a pic of our front door. Kind of decked out for fall:

Fall front door

* Happily Handmade Giveaway Fall Round Underway *

Now, something for you: go and enter in the latest round of the Happily Handmade Giveaway! There will be 50 winners chosen for this round. Super fantastic goodies from your indie designers. Remember to enter at The Walrus! Good luck!!


On that note, I bid you adieu for now. I will be flitting about your blogs sometime this week, promise. I am feeling like I am playing catch-up and cramming a lot these days. Oy. Happy October, all!